7 Reasons to Use Gmail for Business

5 April, 2019
Brad Gerlach

7 Reasons to Use Gmail for Business

If only for its cool factor, entrepreneurs should use Gmail for their businesses. Gmail, one of the most popular for personal-use email service, can also be used for business for free. But of course, we all know that popularity doesn’t hinge on coolness alone. 

I wrote this post with step-by-step instructions on how to set up Gmail to send and receive your business email.

Before you read that post, let me tell you why you should consider switching to Gmail for your email service.

  1. Gmail is Free. What more can you ask for? For the record, there’s a paid service, but you don't need that!
  2. Gmail is a cloud-based email client. This allows you to access your emails anytime, anywhere and on any gadget. You can get Gmail on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  3. Gmail will store your emails. This frees up disk space and lessens your carbon footprint. Gmail also gives you free 15GB.
  4. Gmail is compatible with any device and browser. It can be installed on Apple, Android or Windows and on a mobile device or computer.
  5. The Spam filter of Gmail eliminates clutter. Google has the best spam filters and also allows you to add your own custom filters
  6. Gmail tracks how you treat certain emails. If you delete them unread or never open them at all, Gmail will learn to send them to your Spam folder or not mark them important.
  7. Use Labels for filtering. You can filter your emails to put them into the labels where they belong. It’s a more effective way to easily locate important emails.


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