AirPods Not Working | Learn How to Fix it?

Airpods not working

8 April, 2019
Jack Ma

Common AirPods Problems and How to Fix

Apple's AirPods were promptly the absolute best evident remote ear buds you could purchase when they hit the market in 2016, yet that don’t mean they're flawless. From separated calls and blending issues to essential sound hardships, there is a great deal that can turn out badly with any pair of genuine remote ear buds — even those from Apple. Regardless of whether your AirPods are giving you genuine migraines, or you simply have the inclination that something isn't working right, we'll help you analyze (and ideally fix) the most widely recognized AirPod issues. 

Editorial manager's note: Many of these issues and arrangements relate to the 2016 version of the Apple AirPods. The organization as of late propelled a fresh out of the plastic new form of the earphones with a more current chip, and it could possibly have comparative issues. We'll refresh this article once we get our hands on the new Apple AirPods. 

1. Discover Pods

This may not be a real issue with the buds themselves, however thinking about the size and remote nature of the AirPods, this is a genuinely basic protest. Luckily, it's effectively fixed utilizing ‘Find My iPhone’. 

To begin, dispatch the ‘Find My iPhone’ application on your iOS gadget or head to the iCloud site, sign in with your Apple ID, and select ‘Find My iPhone’. From that point, select you’re AirPods and you'll see a guide demonstrating where they are, or their last area before they were controlled off. On the off chance that you see a green speck alongside the symbol for your AirPods, it implies they're turned on, and you can play a sound to effortlessly find them.

2. Matching Problems 

In case you're running into an issue where your AirPods aren't associating with your telephone or tablet, the principal activity is returned them in the charging case, stick around 10 seconds, at that point take them retreat and place them in your ears once more. In a great deal of cases, this is everything necessary. 

In the event that that doesn't work, the following stage is to take a stab at turning Bluetooth on and off on your telephone or tablet. At that point rehash the above procedure. In everything except the most irregular cases, this ought to explain the issue. 

It's not likely, however you may experience circumstances where neither one of the solutions works. If so, attempt completely resetting the AirPods.

3. Computer Connection Woes

This isn't quite a bit of an issue with more up to date Macs, yet some of the time keeping up a Bluetooth association can be risky with PCs and more established Macs. The principal thing to attempt is equivalent to the initial step when endeavoring to associate with a telephone: Put the AirPods over into their case for 10 seconds before returning them in your ears. 

On the off chance that that doesn't work, you will need to unpair and pair them once more, which should be possible by turning Bluetooth on and off, however this could be an issue on the off chance that you utilize a Bluetooth mouse on your PC. For this situation, head to your Bluetooth settings, discover the AirPods, and detach them. At that point experience similar advances you used to match the AirPods to your PC in any case. 

4. Call Drops 

One of the all the more irritating issues with AirPods, discontinuous call drops has been tormenting the ear buds since dispatch. Luckily, this has a straightforward fix that frequently works: Try accepting calls with one and only AirPod in your ear, not both. This does some incredible things for loads of clients, and you might not need to have a go at whatever else. 

On the off chance that that doesn't work, there are a couple of alternatives that iPhone clients can attempt. In the first place, open the Settings application and go to the Bluetooth segment. By the AirPods passage on the rundown of gadgets, you should see an "I" symbol within a circle. Tap this, at that point select amplifier, and set it to either left or right. In outrageous cases, you can likewise kill Automatic Ear Detection in a similar area, however this impairs one of the earbuds' most advantageous highlights, and will likewise rundown the battery quicker. 

In the event that despite everything you have issues, you can again attempt the full reset point by point toward the finish of this article. 

5. Sound Issues or Static 

Not at all like a portion of different issues portrayed in this article, can static or potentially disappointing sound quality be brought about by a ton of things, so it's a lot harder to analyze. Bluetooth associations can be influenced by obstruction, which can cause everything from static to decreased sound quality and even disengages. On the off chance that this dependably occurs in one spot, obstruction could be the issue. On the off chance that this is going on in your home, you may probably find the gadget causing obstruction and move it, or utilize your AirPods in an alternate territory. In case you're in the workplace, you might be in a tight spot. 

Luckily, there is one fix that few clients have announced works, however it isn't actually advantageous. Wi-Fi can cause impedance with the AirPods, particularly amid calls, so you should need to take a stab at killing Wi-Fi while making calls. Obviously, you'll need to walk out on when you're set. In case you're getting stammering rather than static or commotion, you can likewise have a go at killing Automatic Ear Detection as point by point above. 

6. iOS Volume Trouble

On the off chance that you utilize your AirPods with an Android gadget, you may have kept running into an issue in which the volume is much lower than with iOS gadgets. A great deal of highlights of the AirPods utilize the W1 chip to collaborate with your iPhone or iPad, however Android gadgets don't get this extravagance, and volume control can be influenced by this. 

The core of the issue is that when you're managing most Bluetooth sound gadgets, there are two volume levels: The volume of your source gadget (telephone, tablet, or PC), and the volume of your sound gadget. When utilizing the AirPods with an Android source gadget, the volume of the AirPods isn't naturally controlled all things considered on iOS. Fortunately, there's a simple fix. 

For a stock Android gadget, tap the volume either up or down and you should see the volume control show up on the screen. Tap the down bolt beside the volume control, and you'll see all the accessible volume sliders show up. One of these ought to be Bluetooth. Presently simply turn this one up or down as required. 

On Samsung Galaxy mobiles, it's somewhat unique. Go to Settings, at that point Connections, at that point and Bluetooth. Here, tap the three dabs in the upper right corner for more choices; at that point turn on Media Volume Sync. Presently you can utilize the volume control on the gadget similarly you would on an iOS gadget. 

7. Awful Battery

Out of the crate, the AirPods should keep going around five hours on a crisp charge. After some time however, this will begin to wear out. There's nothing you can do about this, lamentably, yet in case you're encountering drastically shorter battery life than anticipated, there are a few things to attempt. 

Initially, ensure that Automatic Ear Detection is on, as this puts the AirPods into a low-control mode that is basically off when you're not utilizing them. On the off chance that you have this on are as yet encountering a lot shorter battery life, we will elude you one final time to that absolute reset choice beneath. 

8. The Most Effective Method to Reset Your AirPods

As noted above, totally resetting your AirPods can fix a few issues. The uplifting news is it won't take you a moment to do. Here's the ticket: 

  • Set your AirPods back in the charging case. 
  • Hold and catch the back of the case for around 15 seconds until the orange LED flashes. 
  • Open the case beside your mobile and hang tight for the AirPods to reconnect. 

Accepting you're utilizing an iPhone, iCloud will match up the association with your different gadgets now. In case you're utilizing another gadget, you should match physically as you would with some other Bluetooth gadget. 

A Genius Solution

Nobody likes to venture on board that client administration train, yet you have an issue with your AirPods that isn't recorded above or they're not working by any stretch of the imagination, your most solid option is to contact Apple backing or head to the closest Apple Store.


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