How to Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails

AOL is not Receiving Emails

17 October, 2022
John Smith

Reasons for AOL mail not getting messages are a result of any wrong settings or email server issues. On account of an email server issue, a client couldn't do anything besides the manual changes.

AOL is not Receiving Emails

  • If Your emails are not in your inbox then do check your spam folder, mails may go there.
  • Please check your filter, Maybe the sender could be in your block list. For this Sign in to your AOL ACCOUNT, go to account settings, and select the filter settings, Check if any filters are applied on the email list then Click on delete if there’s any filter, and now you would be able to receive emails 
  • AOL Server may fail
  • Delay in delivery of emails takes place due to internet traffic or server issues, except waiting if you cannot do anything or you can ask the sender to send it again
  • In some cases, emails are redirected to the Spam or junk folder to keep away from any sort of information abuse. In case you are certain that the Email should not be in the spam or junk folder, you can check the boxes against the emails that you are sure are not spam. Select the option that is labeled ‘Not Spam.’This will stop sending essential emails to the spam folder.
  • Turn off mail forwarding, for this Go to AOL settings click on forwarding and disable the forwarding.
  • You even lose mail if you haven't login your account for a while, chances are your account can go into the deactivated mode.
  • Sometimes using multiple browsers can even interrupt web settings. For this, you need to reset your web settings.
  • Enabled internet protection mode can even block your mails for this you need to disable the internet security option. click tools select the internet options,  click the Security tab, uncheck ‘enable protected mode’, restart internet explorer and sign in afresh.
  • You can also clear your cache to run it better.
  • Your emails may even go to another folder if they aren’t missing. If you are using IMAP, it may sync your emails.

If Still, you are unable to see any change, it can be due to server issues, try login later.

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