Apple Id not working on iPhone | Apple Account Not Responding on iPhone

Lee Cooper
Updated: Tuesday, 24 September, 2019

Apple ID is an authentication process accessed by Apple for iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple devices. Apple ID holds a user’s personal info and settings, so if it doesn’t operate as intended definitely its inconvenience for users.

So if your Apple ID is not working on your iPhone don’t alarm. Here we will discuss the scenarios behind this issue and present solutions to fix it.

Steps to fix Apple ID not working

1)    Check Apple system status

  • It may be possible that the problem is from Apple’s side. Because sometimes Apple services go down for maintenance, problems or for other various reasons.
  • Open Apple’s System Status page. If you get any services along with yellow yield symbol, there must be an issue regarding the Apple server.
  • If there is any problem on their side you should wait until it’s resolved.

2)    Check your wi-fi

  • Check your wi-fi settings. Make sure it’s turned on.
  • Open Settings->WiFi and toggle it on. If it’s on then turn off and wait for few seconds and again turn it on.
  • As well as connect your device with the fastest available network.

3)    May be your Apple ID is disabled

  • Visit iForgot Page by Apple in your web browser.
  • Enter your credentials such as first name, last name and email address.
  • Then tap on Continue tab.
  • You will be redirected to reset your Apple ID page. Select one of the methods to reset your Apple ID.
  • It can be answering security question, email, two-factor (or step) verification.
  • Visit your email account and check the recent email from Apple. Click on Reset Now link.
  • Set your new password and tap on Reset password.
  • After password reset your account will be normal.

4)    Apple ID disabled due to security reasons

  • May your Apple ID not working due to security reasons.
  • Basically this happens if someone tries to log in your account with incorrect password too many times.
  • Accounts without two-factor verification or without any additional security are more under the lens of risk.
  • Visit the Apple password recovery site to fix this issue.

Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to fix the issue.

Troubleshoot Apple ID not working on iPhone

There are several possible causes why your Apple ID is not working on iPhone or iPad. Just follow the given instructions so that you can easily fix Apple account not responding on iPhone issue.

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