How to change default Google account on chrome

25 September, 2019
Charlie Smith

How to change default Google account on chrome

You normally play with your Google account and suddenly think about changing the default Google account on chrome. Now, the question arises that will you be able to do that by your own or you require any help? Well, the query doesn’t seem like tricky and so this may get simple ways to overcome this problem at once. Look for the definite terms elaborating the solution to change default Google account on chrome.

  1. Open the Google Chrome in a non-private portal
  2. Tap on the Google Account icon available on the top right of the page
  3. Further, hit on the individual account and successfully Sign Out of all of them
  4. Tap on Sign in at the top right of Google page
  5. You will require now signing in into the default Google account you need first
  6. You can sign into the rest account if you desire to.
  7. When you open the Google Chrome, this will state the default account

In other cases, if a person needs changing the default Google account in Gmail then what will be the outcome? Put your hats on to apply the steps as described,

  1. Download and launch your Google Chrome on your device.
  2. Search for“”
  3. Tap on the Account profile icon at the top right corner of the Google screen.
  4. Hit on “Manage Accounts” and this will be redirected to a different screen.
  5. Tap on “Add account” or else the Add button beside the “Add account” also you require adding your new Gmail account.
  6. Wait for a while without pressing back button to finish checking for Info. Then enter your account details in the associated areas and continue.
  7. Also, agree to terms and conditions and begin your Gmail account.

The maximum work acknowledged with Google is measured in terms of a number of queries asked per day. In the same way, changing default Google account on chrome is not so difficult but applying the solution in bigger term looks simple. However, use the steps wisely and start your work again.

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