Chrome The Selected Printer Is Not Available

Chrome the Selected Printer is not Available

4 July, 2022
Stephen Racks

Chrome The Selected Printer Is Not Available

Are you facing technical errors with your printer when printing on Google Chrome? Or printer not installed correctly and shows an error with a message like "Chrome The Selected Printer Is Not Available", and you want to know how to troubleshoot it? Then don’t worry about it. This is a common problem that generally occurs when the printer is not properly installed. In that, all settings in the print shows are greyed out when trying to print a receiving or barcode label from the Chrome browser. The various cause could possibly be behind this issue such as the printer is not recognized on certain versions of Google Chrome, spooler issue, print attachment issue, printer firmware & driver issue, and so on.

How To Troubleshoot Chrome The Selected Printer Is Not Available?

Walk through the steps given below to easily solve the issue.

Solution 1: - Reinstall the Printer

Make sure that your printer is installed properly. If you find the problem, then you should try to reinstall the printer again. Follow these steps: -

  • First, go to the “System Preferences” section and then remove the receipt printer.
  • Then right-click on the “Printers” window and tap on the “Reset printing system” option.
  • Next, add the printer which was just removed.
  • Now, enable cups.

Solution 2: - Update Google Chrome

Maybe your Google Chrome is not updated. Then you should try to update to the latest version of Chrome.

  • Go to your computer, and then open your Chrome browser.
  • Then click the “More” option shown at the top right.
  • Tap the “Update Google Chrome” option if you don't get this button, that means you are on the latest version.
  • Hit on the “Relaunch” button.

Now try to select the printer again, maybe your issue is resolved.

Solution 3:- Uninstall and Reinstall Google Chrome

Still, if your issue is not resolved then you should try to uninstall and reinstall Chrome again. Follow these steps do it:-

  • First, close all the windows and quit Chrome.
  • Then open “Locater” (Finder) and then hit on the “Applications folder” option.  
  • Now, drag the portion of the “Google Chrome” sign to the “Bin” in your port.
  • Next, open “Finder” again and then hit “Go to Folder”.
  • Now, enter “~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome”.
  • After then, choose all folders inside “~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome” and then drag all folders to the “Bin” symbol in your port(dock).
  • Now empty “Bin”.

Solution 4: - Allow CUPS the Printer Interface

If you are facing issues with your MAC computers then you should try to allow on MAC Computers CUPS printer interface to eradicate this problem. Basically, CUPS is a Network printing service that is used by Mac computers. It permits you to set up your printers on a network, and customize options such as cash drawer setup. So try to enable it.

I hope, all the above solutions will help to fix your issue. For further help or any other issue, please connect with the experts to get instant support or solutions.

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