Why is my Chromebook not connecting to WiFi

Chromebook Not Connecting To Wifi

6 October, 2021

How to Fix Chromebook Not Connecting To Wifi

Why do we need Chromebook If Do we have other devices to run our work? Such questions always arise in our mind but Chromebook is the most trusted and lifelong used brand of Google which runs on the Linux-based operating system and performs various tasks using Google Chrome is used and appreciated by the zillions of users all across the globe.

At any point, if your Chromebook then there could be many reasons for the same like, Chromebook connect with Wireless network or Chromebook fails to connect with any other network, or there is no Wi-Fi-connected being Chromebook is connected, WIFI is disabled, Issues with the device Internal hardware, proper communication issues between the Chromebook and the router, such reason may leave you stagnant because in such cases you are stuck with no network and your work would be affected a lot, what to do? Now no need to worry you all need to go through the steps mentioned below to resolve all your issues related to the Chromebook:-

  1. All you need to do, Firstly click on the Chromebook setting option and thoroughly check for your wifi settings and check whether the connectivity is off or on.
  2. Now, select the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to view your connections and check if it is enabled or not
  3. At any point, if you are not able to access the internet even if the Chromebook is connected to WiFI, then check rightly disconnect and connect to the router again.
  4. Sometimes the old version of Chromebook can also cause issues, that’s why always makes sure that you are using the current and the updated version of Chrome.
  5. Now your wifi starts working, if you have still any issues contact are a very responsible technical executive, they resolved your all issue very quickly.
  6. The long communication gap can disrupt the connection, so always make sure to turn off your router and restart it again to resolve the issue
  7. Using USB WIFI an adapter is better than using other in case of any hardware issues
  8. After checking all the above things, at last run the Chrome connectivity Diagnostics, which is made for troubleshooting network connections on Chromebooks and detect Wi-Fi problems and suggest resolutions for the same.
  9. Also,  powerwash your Chromebook and smartly restore it to the factory settings, by doing so your software-related issues will be sorted.


By following the above steps, your Chromebook will be updated without putting you in any trouble and you can enjoy its services lifelong.

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