What to do if comcast not receiving emails

Comcast not receiving Emails

17 June, 2022
Newon Jackson

How to Fix Comcast not receiving Emails

Is Comcast not receiving emails? It is a very common issue faced by thousands of its users. There are several reasons for which Comcast is not receiving an email like less internet connectivity, blocked file extension, email filters, incorrect email setting, and many more. If you also face the same issue then you are at the right place. Here, this article will provide step-by-step tips to get a solution about Comcast not receiving emails. Follow the steps:


Tip 1 Internet Connectivity:  It is one of the major reasons for which Comcast is not receiving emails. In that case, check your internet connectivity twice and if possible, change the internet connection and check for emails receive or not. If not then try the next method.


Tip 2 Check spam folder: The emails which are not important are received in spam folders. Sometimes the genuine mails are also received in a spam folder. So, check the spam folder before going to further step.


Tip 3 Check email setting: Check the IMAP setting, if you enter the incorrect setting; Comcast will not receive emails. Therefore, make sure that the IMAP setting will be correct so that Comcast can receive emails.


Tip 4 Check Blocklist and clear your browser:  Sometimes, a mistaken sender's email address is added to the blocklist. So, check the blocklist that the sender’s email is not added to that list. If yes, then remove the same by that you can receive emails smoothly. Sometimes caches and cookies create issues of smooth working of Comcast. So, clear the browser's caches and cookies for smooth receiving of emails in Comcast. 


Add-on to this, update your browser to fix the issue with not receiving emails with Comcast. Eliminate the extensions and plug-ins from your browser so that Comcast can receive emails easily. You can also contact the Customer executive of Comcast for more information about Comcast not receiving emails.


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