Different Types Of Plantation Shutters And Their Applications

26 February, 2019

Different Types Of Plantation Shutters And Their Applications

Plantation shutters are perfect for your home and office interiors if you are looking for a hassle-free window treatment. They come in different finishes and variants, so it is important to understand the differences to choose the best match for your interior space.

Plantation shutters are sometimes called plantation blinds and they are unique because of their wide louvers, usually 3-½ to 4-½ inches wide. These shutters are the most common form of window treatment preferred by people all over the world, especially in warmer places.

The large louvers of these blinds/shutters give them an elegant look, which is perfect for dining rooms, and bedrooms. This type of window treatment is also suitable for living rooms and kitchen. It can add great value to your interior space or even you can choose from other hues and finishes.

Plantation blinds come in mainly three different types of materials, composite, vinyl, and wood. The details of each material is discussed below to give you a clear perception of plantation blinds:

Wooden - There is nothing like a wooden window treatment. No matter what kind of window treatment you are opting for, wood will always be top-notch. Wood can be carved into different shapes and sizes and allows paint and stains to stay on them.

Vinyl - This material is least expensive but the extremely cheap ones are not suggested as they might have structural issues. These shutters are entirely made of PVC and aluminum support occasionally. The main advantage of these blinds is the fact that they are inexpensive. Other advantages are weather resistance and moisture proof qualities. There are certain types of shutters that can be constructed out of vinyl. Those are:

  • Hollow - Due to the hollow frames of these shutters, they can not withstand heavy weight, therefore larger frames are not suitable but they are good for simpler and small windows.
  • Solid - This type of shutter has blown PVC filled inside the vinyl frames in order to make the structure sturdy. Still staying on the lower cost range, these shutters provide a great solution for all needs.

Composite - These shutters are sometimes called engineered wood or fake wood or faux wood. They are very sturdy while being weather and humidity resistant. If you are low on budget then this option can be a good alternative to wood shutters.

While deciding to transform your windows, you can consider these options. Contact any reputed professional from Mandurah to get the best results.


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