How to Resolve Directv Stream Remote Not Working Error

Directv Stream Remote Not Working

18 October, 2022
Scarlet Jonathan

Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working

DirecTV, a primary satellite TV service provider, has been creating memorable moments in homes, among individuals of families, for years, all around the world for. Their products and services come with unbelievable, jaw-dropping bonuses and discounts you’ll always find irresistible. You can get the best deals on Amazon for the latest DirecTV Genie DVR. DirecTV is reputed to have some of the best value-for-money offers in digital entertainment services. They have packages starting at $64.99/month for a record 160 channels and more. Their premium package stands at $134.99/month. All offers come with a free Genie HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR), which allows you as much as 200hrs recording time on the Genie DVR, with a max of 5 simultaneous recordings.

Is there something DirecTV offers that others don’t?

  • If you’re thinking of going to the 2022 NFL games every Sunday this year but don’t know how to get the tickets, grab yourself a DirecTV Choice, Ultimate, or Premier deal, and off you go, ticket in hand.
  • One of the reasons many users enjoy DirecTV is their online streaming service (DirecTV Stream), using the DirecTV app.
  • Once set up, you can stream all channels on your subscription, across several digital devices (laptops, iPad, tablets, mobile phones, Roku streaming devices, etc.), and when you save your shows on the cloud storage (up to 20hrs free), you can watch them from any device. Cool.
  • This post will resolve a dispute many DirecTV subscribers have faced over the years: “why is my DirecTV remote not working?”
  • Your remote not working automatically means you lose almost all functions on your DirecTV Genie DVR, which defeats the purpose of getting the box in the first place.
  • While you can always dial 1-800-DIRECTV to request a service agent and burn tens of hours of valuable time, you don’t have to wait that long with this guide.

We’ll give you all the possible reasons why you’re facing this difficulty with your remote control and the most reliable fixes available for them. There’s no reason to panic, as our recommendations work for all DirecTV Genie DVR models ( DirecTV Genie, DirecTV Genie mini, and DirecTV wireless Genie). So let’s get right into it.

Causes of DirecTV Remote Not Working

  1. Problem with the batteries
  2. Faulty Remote as a result of contact with fluids, liquids, and other organics
  3. Remote is Incompatible with your DirecTV Genie DVR
  4. Blocked sensors
  5. The Remote is distant from the DirecTV Genie DVR
  6. The Remote is not paired with the DVR box
  7. Remote damaged over time
  8. Faulty or damaged Genie box

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