How to Download Facebook Albums in One Click

3 September, 2021
Neon Albert

It’s super easy to download a single picture. But what if you want to download an entire album, I guess you won’t download each and every picture separately, one by one. That will be pretty hectic. This article deals with downloading the Facebook album in a single click. It’s quite simple and quick and you can recollect all your fond memories at a single platform.

Methods to download Facebook albums in a single click

  1. Backup Facebook in IDrive and download photos, videos

  • Create an account on IDrive, login into your account.
  •  You will be redirected to its main dashboard and in the bottom left corner choose “Facebook Backup” and further tap on the green tab to continue.
  • Then an alert will pop-up on your screen to login with Facebook, do enter your username, password and hit the    “Continue (your name)” blue-colored button.
  • Hit on your facebook profile and step ahead.
  • Select your desired photos and videos and click on the “Download” icon to save files.
  • IDrive only provides 5GB storage for free, if you need extra storage you have to purchase the subscription.
  1. Download all data via Facebook settings

  • This method is quick fast, just login into your account.
  • Open Settings and hit on Download a copy option at the bottom of your page.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and you can download your memorable albums in one click.
  • Apart from media files you can also export your friend’s list and chat log.
  1. Bulk download pictures and videos with PicknZip

  • PicknZip is an amazing opensource online tool used to download photos and videos quickly from Facebook either in pdf or zip format.
  •  You can create your own customized lists of your albums and tagged photos and tap on “Facebook Download” option.
  • Allow PicknZip to extract your data and you can download your album in a single click.
  1. DownAlbum (Desktop Application)

  • If your default browser is Google chrome, then you can easily get your Facebook albums.
  • Search and install DownAlbum extension in Google Chrome Store.
  • Once installed you will locate a Facebook icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Visit a Facebook album or page, hit on “Normal” tab, your album will start downloading and save albums after completion.
  1. Download Facebook Media Files with fbDLD

  • fbDLD is a similar tool like PicknZip, login into your account and you will get various download options such as photo albums, tagged photos, videos, page albums.
  • Choose the option you wanna download and tap on “Backup”.
  • Once completed click on “Download Zip File” tab and it’s done.

You have noticed that it’s pretty simple to download your albums from Facebook. Do follow the guidelines properly and cherish your amazing memories.

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