Epson Printer Printing Incorrect Colors

4 July, 2022
Paul Maroc

Epson Printer Printing Incorrect Colors

Is your printer not showing any errors on the LCD screen? Well, most of the Epson Printer models available in the market feature smooth and efficient cleaning cycles. So, the first thing you are suggested to do is to run a cleaning cycle. It will effectively clean your printhead. Before you start, keep in mind that the latest models are blessed with lengthy cleaning cycles. Here we will be describing the conventional method of running the cleaning cycle. We will also discuss other troubleshooting tricks for resolving your color-related printing issues.


Clean the printhead

  1. Press the HOME button and get the window open
  2. Select SETUP and then MAINTENANCE
  3. Now you are suggested to select the PRINTHEAD NOZZLE CHECK option
  4. A page with four colored grids will be produced now
  5. It will identify the faulty nozzles
  6. Select DONE if you did not find any gap
  7. The selection of CLEAN THE PRINTHEAD is suggested to you if you found any gap or some lines are faint

Check the Black or Grayscale settings

Another reliable method of resolving this issue is to make sure that the Black or Grayscale setting is not selected in your printer software.

Is any print head nozzle clogged?

Your printing machine will give the wrong colors if the print head nozzles are clogged. So, go through a nozzle check and clean the print head, if it is necessary.

Use a color management system

It is not possible for you to get the same printer colors as the on-screen colors. To get a closer result, you may make use of a color management system. It is a recommended way too. Try to use the color management options in your printer software.

Use Epson-grade ink and paper

To get the best results for your query, why is my Epson Printer not printing correctly, it is advised to you to make the use of genuine Epson ink and paper. However, it is definitely a good idea to prime the printhead before you install the cartridges back in the printer. Push some ink into the printhead while holding the hose, and do it in slow motion. It will push out dirty ink in your printhead. Also, make use of syringes with the correct hose size.

Is your cartridge low on ink?

You are requested to replace the cartridge or cartridges if these are low on ink. Old cartridges are also supposed to be replaced in order to get the right colors in the printouts.

Talk to the printing experts

Make a telephonic or live chat conversation with the printing machine engineers associated with Epson. These engineers are sufficiently trained to resolve your issues, whether it is a connection error or why is my Epson Printer not printing correctly. The Epson tech support engineers are highly qualified and carry in-depth knowledge about the commonly faced technical glitches.

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