Facebook App Keeps Crashing on iPhone 6,7,8 and X, XS, XR [Solved]

3 September, 2021

Facebook App Keeps Crashing on iPhone 6,7,8 and X, XS, XR [Solved]

Face book app is a useful app that is an absolutely interactive software application. It is made for utilizing the core technologies of the Face book. A platform to create an extensive framework of social media to connect the whole world via news feed, Notifications, sharing posts to spread awareness amongst users.

To connect with friends quickly and simple way by sharing the latest updates in life, pictures, and post or becoming an active member of a group or create a page too.

Face book is your personal folder to keep all things you cherished such as photographs and sharing with others directly.

Along with features of this app, facebook is a smart tool for updating always through alerts of current affairs happening worldwide daily. It is the best help for keeping yourself aware of brands in the market, celebrities’ life and their lifestyle. 

In case if you’re facing in using facebook on iPhone, actually face book often go for an update for performing like the best. Millions are connected via facebook, the common issue comes before users are that bump into an error then crushing of facebook app. The major reason is the network is not stable and your device encounter error due to not reaching the proper server at some point. Just restart internet connection by toggling Wi-Fi for a few seconds then on again. Until you get a stable internet connection the problem continues.

Ways to fix a Facebook crashing problem on iPhone:       

#Method 1

  • Press ‘Home button’ quickly twice
  • Swipe finger on the Face book app to clear or close it.
  • Repeat for other apps in the background.

#Method 2

  • Click & hold the ‘Side or Power button for a few seconds or until the Slide to Power Off menu appears
  • Drag the slider to off the phone
  • 30 seconds later, hold & press Side or the Power button again until the Apple logo appears.

#Method 3

  • Tap the App Store icon
  • Tap the Updates icon; you have a new update to install
  • Tap the Update button next to Face book
  • Update all by tapping the ‘Update All’ button.

#Method 4

  • Tap & hold the Face book icon from home
  • Tap X on the corner of Face book app icon-all the icons start to wiggle
  • Tap ‘Delete’ to confirm. 

You can seek support from the Face book Help Center on your iPhone.  This support may help in stabilizing your Face book.

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