Facebook Hacked Account Problem Solved


3 September, 2021
John Leo

Troubleshoot Hacked Facebook Account Password

Facebook enables a socials networking platform on which friends and family interact with each other. Facebook includes various services, which incorporate Interactive chat, Fan pages, Customized profile with protection and security, Friend list management, and numerous all the more such things. Facebook likewise enables a login verification service which gives cross-stage and flexible Web connection. Since fb account contains your some touchy data, which can be hacked by digital criminals. This personal data can incorporate your banking info, your private messages and in addition your personal details. Subsequently, so as to secure your profile, Facebook gives an extensive device. Experts at Facebook give extremely viable resolution for each issue.

Here is well ordered steps for how to fixed a hacked FB Account :–

  1. In case your FB account has been hacked, you should go online to help documentation to page of Facebook platform.
  2. Now you have to tap on My Account is Hacked and after that pick Secure it here option.
  3. In the text section, you should type your account password and afterward it is essential to tap on proceed button.
  4. In this progression, Facebook will demonstrate a message, which will affirm that you are achieving your correct account.
  5. Then, it is vital to hit Continue to confirm you FB account.
  6. After that, click on the Continue option to proceed with securing your facebook account. Here in the relating fields, you should enter another password.
  7. Tap on the Continue button. Here, FB will highlight a warning message, which will recommend you to change your account password.
  8. Then you have to press Proceed to move further and FB will affirm that the account has been confirmed.
  9. To unblock your Facebook account, simply click on Continue button.
  10. It is essential to make your online account more protected. For this, you should tap to Pick a Security Question menu.
  11. After that you have to choose a question. For this, you need to enter an answer to the security question and afterward press Submit button.
  12. At long last, with a specific end goal to continue to your opened account, you should click on login button.
Indeed, after following the above steps, if the issue related to how to fix a hacked Facebook Account, has been not solved so far, you can visit facebook help center.

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