Facebook Notifications Not Working on Android

Facebook Notifications not Working

1 July, 2022

Facebook Notifications Not Working on Android

Displayed notifications help us in knowing whether something is urgent enough to get full attention or can be checked later. This feature saves time. But there are situations when these alerts for certain apps do not work as per our expectation. As Facebook has turned into a lifeline of web users, this issue is continuously given people a headache. Worry not. We are here to help you out, whether you want to get the notifications with sound or silently. Let us ask you whether you have installed the Facebook app for the very first time. If yes, you are instructed to turn on the Notifications feature. Here we have mentioned the complete process of doing this practice.

Turn on Facebook Notifications

  • Open the Home screen of your Android phone
  • Navigate to Settings and select Applications
  • In the Applications window, you will find the Application Manager option
  • We advise you to select it
  • Then, you need to choose Notification found in Facebook and switch on the notifications

Restart the Facebook app once

Restarting the app will help you to get out of the minor performance issues, such as Android device hangs or Facebook notifications not working on Android. This troubleshooting doesn’t take much time, but it is competent enough to resolve your issue. It is applicable both the Android and iOS devices. To follow the practice, you need to force stop the Facebook app first and navigate to the Settings window. Then, access to the option called Application Manager. Select Facebook in the Application Manager and tap on Force Stop. Complete the process by restarting the Android device.

Check your data limit

Data restriction is a built-in feature on the Android devices. If it is enabled on your phone, it could be the reason behind the notification issue you are claiming. As it doesn’t sync data in the background, the enabled feature could cause no push notifications. Open phone Settings and navigate to the Apps window. Here you are instructed to tap Facebook followed by Data usage. Make sure that the Background data option is enabled.

Update the software

Performing the software update could be a great way to resolve the issue called Facebook notifications not working on Android. Open the Home screen of your Android phone and access the Settings window. Then, you need to locate About Device and select the option called Download Updates Manually. At last, you will have to select the Install Now option if you are prompted to do that.

Clear the Cache created by the Facebook App installed on your Android phone

The users of Android phones sometimes don’t get Facebook notifications because of the cache saved by the Facebook app. If you are intended to start getting the notifications on your Android phone, you need to clear the cache as soon as possible. In fact, we suggest clearing the app cache on a regular basis is considered as a good practice if you are not expecting such issues. Make sure; this troubleshooting method is only applicable for Android devices. Do not try this on any iOS device.

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