Facebook Scams which every one Should Avoid

how to avoid Facebook scam

Updated: Friday, 5 April, 2019
Jake Adley

Top 10 Facebook scams to avoid

As Facebook holds most number of users it became target for cyber criminals to spread malware/virus and to destroy user’s system or to breach their personal information.

Attackers creates Scam post which redirect users to another domain and spread malicious malwares and threats on user’s system.

Here’s list of Facebook Scams which every one Should Avoid.

  • Total profile views/visitors (Check out now who viewed your profile
  • Change your Facebook Color
  • Rihanna sex tape with her boyfriend
  • Check my status update to get free Facebook T-shirt from Facebook
  • Say goodbye to Blue Facebook (Dites Aurevoir au Facebook BLEU)
  • Unsealed. We are giving them away for free
  • Check if a friend has deleted you
  • See your top 10 profile peekers here! You will be shocked to find out your ex is still creeping on your profile!
  • Find out how to see who viewed your profile (Encontré la manera de ver quien ve mí perfil. No sabes las sorpresas!)
  • Just changed my Facebook theme. It’s amazing

If you find any of these posts from any source please avoid and don’t click on them.


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