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Facebook.com/login/identify for Facebook Login Help

Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms and there are millions of users who are getting the advantages of Facebook in a very large manner. But, sometimes, users face login issues with their Facebook account so if you are one of them and you Can't log in to your Facebook account on Windows, iPhone, macOS, or other so just follow the below-given instructions and fix the Facebook login issue.

Step 1- Open a Facebook.com/login/identify using any web browser.

Step 2-Under the 'Find Your Account' category, you need to enter your email address or phone number.

Step 3- Now, you need to click on send code via email.

Step 4- Tap on the 'Continue' button.

Step 5- Check the box on Email or SMS. (Facebook will send a six-digit one-time password to your registered email address or phone number)

Step 6- After that, enter a six-digit code in the text box.

Step 7- Finally, you can choose a new password.


Moreover, you can easily reset your Facebook passwords via the above-mentioned steps.

www.facebook.com/recover.php or recovery for sign-in help


Today, with pirated accounts increasingly common, or with people closing old email accounts that were used as account logins, many people lose track of what email they have associated with other products or companies. Many people use an email to subscribe to a service like Facebook, and then close the account only to find out later that they can no longer retrieve their account information. This is a fairly common problem, so don't worry, there is a way to report this problem to Facebook. Before you begin, you must locate a government ID that has the same name as your Facebook account. Once you have that information, let's start.

  1. When you are ready, visit the www.facebook.com/recover.php page
  2. Click on "I have an account but I cannot access it"
  3. Next, enter an email address that Facebook can use to send you an email. Not with the one who created your account, but with one in which they can communicate with you.
  4. Re-enter your email address to confirm.
  5. Next, enter your name and country of residence.
  6. Next, you will see a box with a drop-down menu marked "Year of birth", click on the drop-down menu and select your year of birth.
  7. Now is the time when we need to take a scan or a picture of your government ID. Do not hesitate to hide any information that you do not want to be displayed, but make sure your name and year of birth can be read clearly so that someone from Facebook support can search for information related to your Facebook profile.
  8. Once you have a copy of your ID, go ahead and click on "Choose Files" and select the file with your scan from your computer.
  9. Below that, click on the box that says "I accept" and then click "send." Once you do, Facebook will review your account and should respond within 24-72 hours.

Reset Password on Facebook.com/login/identify

The password allows us to establish that the account is used by the individual who owns the same, hence it is always advisable to keep the password that can't be guessed by anyone so that they should not be able to access the account and at the same time we also tend to forget the same which does not mean that you will not be able to log in back, one can access the account by resetting the password and it is also advisable to keep changing from time to time

  1. One should be logged in.
  2. Look for the down option on the same page and click on the settings.
  3. Among the options listed click on Security and Login.
  4. In the options, change password click on edit.
  5. On will be required to enter the current password and the new password.
  6. After the same has been encrypted click on save changes.
  7. However, if one has forgotten the password the same can be changed by taking the steps as follows.
  8. One has to be on the Find your account page.
  9. Enter the details like email, mobile number, complete name, or username once all the details have been entered click on the search.
  10. Then the individual will be required to follow the onscreen instructions.

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