How Do I Fix Google Sign In Error On Android?

5 April, 2020
Belly Richards

How do I solve Google login error in Android?

Google is a globally known company based in the United States. It has operations in several countries. Google has several services such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Duo, Calendar, Chrome browser, etc. You can create a single Google account and access all Google services with this unique account. You can also use the entire Google service on all your devices with the same Google account, such as your laptop, Android Smartphone or tablet.

Now, when you are using the Google service on Android at some point, you may be faced with a problem of Google login error and you may ask, how can I correct the error of Google login on Android? The Google login error is an error that usually occurs on an Android phone as a login problem, in case the Play Store is updated on the device.

The problem can be solved in the Android phone by following some of the solutions.

Google Sign-in Failed Error: When you cannot sign in to Google on your Android phone, you must correct this login error in order to use Google on your Android device.

You can use the following solutions to solve the problem.

  1. Disable two-step verification You may find a Google sign-in error on Android because you have enabled two-step verification processes in your Google account. Therefore, you can simply disable this process and log in to Google on your Android device. You can disable the two-step verification process from a web browser on your computer and log in to your Google account and then disable it from the login and security page.
  2. Delete and add Google account Due to the desynchronization of your Google account with your Android device, a Google sign-in error may occur on your Android phone. This usually happens after an update. You can sign in to your account again. Go to Settings; sign in to Account or Sync to sign in to your Gmail account again.

If you still see the Google sign-in error on an Android phone, this may happen because an Android service might have been damaged. You can try to restore your device to the factory settings to solve the problem. 

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  • Joe nichols
  •   Sep 09, 2019


    had to factory reset my phone. I lost my wi-fi and can't sign in to my google account. What do I do?

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