How to reset my yahoo password?


26 February, 2019

Forgot Yahoo Password - Yahoo Password Reset Tips

Yahoo is one of the most used email service provider used for different uses including personal as well as professional uses. It provides a great space to Yahoo users in order to keep their data and work accordingly. The worst scenario which Yahoo users face with Yahoo is that sometimes it happens that Yahoo users forget their Yahoo password and in such condition they can recover their Yahoo password by getting a code on their mobile number or on their alternate email address or by answering security questions.

In case Yahoo users do not want to recover their account through alternate email they can do it either by phone number or by answering the security questions.

Yahoo users are required to visit the login page of Yahoo and their they’ll need to select the forgot Yahoo password option. After which they will get different options to reset their Yahoo password. If Yahoo users do not want to reset their Yahoo password through alternate email then they can select the option of phone number on which they will get a code on their registered mobile number which they need to enter on the Yahoo password recovery page. On selecting the security questions they need to answer those security questions which they have registered during making their account.

How to reset yahoo mail password?

User need to reset forgot Yahoo password if users account is hacked or blocked; sometime a security concern initiates user to get a new Yahoo password. However, the reason can be different. Here we are discussing about simple method of Yahoo password reset that can be executed within 3 minutes.

  1. Open users Yahoo account
  2. Visit users ‘Yahoo account Yahoo password’
  3. It will give user a chance to open the ‘update online account’ page
  4. Here user will get an option as ‘my Yahoo account Yahoo password’. It will represent a blank bar on users computer screen.
  5. Hence, user will come to know about the number of characters required in users new Yahoo password.
  6. user need to enter a Yahoo password in the blank bar.
  7. user are also requested to click on the box in front of ‘show the characters’, for making the characters visible. Make sure, users Yahoo password should be more than 5 characters and less than 21 characters. Do not include a double quote (") or a backslash (\).
  8. Please type the new Yahoo password again for moving the job forward.
  9. Submit the inputs now.
  10. The next window will display a ‘successful’ message which is a confirmation of a successful reset.

Obviously the process is long, but it will definitely help you to reset your forgot Yahoo mail account password.

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