How to fix Gmail not Opening or Loading Problem [Solved]

Gmail Not Opening

26 June, 2019
Roxie Taylor

Troubleshoot Gmail Not Opening and Gmail Not Loading Problems

Gmail is one of the most secure webmail platforms, which created by Google Inc on 2004. Till then to now, the Gmail familiarized among tech buffs for its ‘A’ grade security features that are including two-step verification, spam filter, Anti-malware protection and malware defending features. Here, this article explaining the top 5 reasons to choose Gmail. In case, you have any need of technical support, then visit Gmail community help guides & articles at the earliest. They can help you for finding a solution for fixing the issues like password recovery, Password Reset, Spam message blocking, account reset, retrieving the locked account, etc. Here, we are put forwarding five core reasons to choose the Gmail.

Plenty of Storage

For free email users, Gmail offers 15 GB for its free email users. For a normal email user, this storage option is enough. For those ones, who wish to upgrade the storage option, can upgrade to any premium plans that offering storage such as 100 GB, 1 TB, etc. it is premium plans are available at $2 USD/Mo.

Spam Filter

Countless spam emails are producing on day today. According to the Internet security organization-Splash data, an average Gmail user has receiving 10-15 spam emails/day. That is the reason why, the filters are needed to secure the primary emails from the malicious links like Trojans, Malware, etc. Gmail’s auto filter feature is capable of categorizing the emails based on its content and IP address source. The most needed messages will appear in the primary folder and the rest of the messages will appear in the folder other than primary.

Gmail is Free

Everything is there in Gmail and it’s free. According to their officials, the Gmail currently has six hundred million users and each day approximately seven hundred million new users are creating an account in the account. Gmail also have premium plans, those who wish to upgrade for a premium account will get extra features including domain customization, increase in storage and direct Gmail customer support. If you wish to port your Gmail to a premium Mode, then Contact the Gmail customer support.

Updated Features

Periodically, Gmail Updating the existing features that are mainly in the areas of firewall protection, mail filtering, etc. If you want to know the information about the recent Gmail updates, then, visit the Gmail support blog frequently (or) subscribe for their newsletter. They will never send spam your inbox.

How to Fix Gmail Error When Gmail is Not Opening Properly

Gmail is strong enough against any troubles, but like the other applications users are not compatible everywhere with their Gmail account and so they face lots of errors. Though functioning of Gmail is almost the same on every device, there are some moments where users are not able to perfectly manage their Gmail. And, due to this, they face the Gmail Errors that usually appear while accessing any feature on mobile due to loss of server connection with Gmail. At any point, when the connection of server is lost then user face lots of interruption in internet connection. This error is usually referred to as error 101.

This error 101 appear as error 800c0000 while you start getting trouble in finding your synced email messages due to which you become unable to download their message. Here, you become unable to access their contact and become unable to open their email. So, it’s really a frustrating situation with your Gmail. If you are also receiving the same error with your Gmail, then you just need to keep patience so that you can focus on the solution procedures. So, let’s have a look at the solution procedures shown here in this post:

Solution for Gmail Not Open Problem

• First, check all the setting in your Gmail and go through the account information.

• If you see those port settings of com and com on your phone as the mismatch then you immediately need to change the settings on your Gmail account.

• Now, check the setting of your server and if you find any trouble then immediately shoot that.

• Check the connectivity of the internet. If it is not good then restart your internet or ask your internet service provider for the weak network connectivity issues.

• Change the settings for download content from any time to past two weeks.

After, going through these solution measures, all the email issues with Gmail are going to get resolved soon with no trouble. Now, you will be able to download your synced email in a very smooth way.

Why is Gmail not loading?

There may be a number of problems that Gmail users may face. One of the problems that users usually face is Gmail that does not work. To do this, users must follow the steps indicated below:

  • First, users can try to use Gmail without any extension.
  • Then, users can open Gmail with the incognito of their browser or they can use the private browsing mode.
  • Users can try to clear the browser's cache and cookies.
  • Then, when using Gmail again, users can verify if the problem has been solved or not.

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