How to Gmail not Receiving Emails on iPhone and Android

Gmail not Receiving Emails

17 June, 2022
Jack Sparrow

Supporting and covering the troubles which Gmail faces becomes a blunder mistake in all time utilization. Experiencing the smooth work of technical things, Gmail stands first in all. It is quite hard to save the mistakes which are being fought randomly. Gmail issues occur without information or any alert. Might be the system or device is corrupted or else the motherboard is not supported. Making things simple, there is always a solution to every problem.

Have you faced the mail not receiving issue? It can be either associated with your iPhone or else the Android one. Well, these may not harm your device. Moving forward, we can recommend the best and possible attributes to get the fastest get-up of the new look of your Gmail profile again.  

Gmail not Receiving Emails on Android

  1. Update the Gmail application: It is necessary for every Gmail user to keep a fresh look every time they use. To keep awaked in proper appearance, Gmail needs to update with latest version.
  2. Make an investigation of Google servers: Delivering the mails from inbox to the phone is the core responsibility of Google server. If this stops working you can either check the G Suites which can commit issue. If any then wait for some minute.
  3. You may also require clearing the app data: To make this possible, look here,
  • Move to settings option on the device
  • Press on apps or else app manager
  • Search for the Gmail app and hit on it
  • Hit on clear cache box and clear all the data
  • In case the clearing cache is not acceptable then follow this
  1. Enable Automatic sync
  • Move to Gmail app
  • Hit on menu
  • Move to the settings option
  • Hold on Gmail account or else the email address
  • End with enabling the sync option
  1. Check for the filters: In case your power filter creates any disturbance than the mails will be redirected either to the spam folder or else all mail folder. You need to look for filter settings and to extend this work you may require,
  • Opening Gmail in any of the web portal        
  • Tap on settings option
  • Further, filters and blocked addresses
  • Look once for the filters which redirect the mail and delete the filter.
  1. You can also disable the airplane mode or data server: A frequent Gmail user can also opt for disabling the airplane mode or else turning off the data usage. To disable the airplane mode needs to move to settings > connections > flight mode > toggle off. Serve the whitelist phenomena to check the app performance. You just require opening the settings box > hit on network and internet > further hit on data usage > then data server > move to Gmail and then toggle on.
  2. Last but never will be the least is the resyncing of the account: To make this accomplish the user requires opening the settings option > next move to your account on Gmail app > remove your account from upper right corner and hit on remove account > hit to confirm > further hit on “Account sync is off”. Turn it on in accounts settings respectively and then to resync again, tap on manage the account and then create the new account by hitting on creating new account.

These were the friendly experience with Android device. Some points can be similar in terms but can differ in functionality when you try to control emails on iPhone. Let’s end this.

Gmail not Receiving Emails on iPhone

  1. You require checking the correct setting port at apple email setting lookup
  2. Move to Gmail settings > forwarding and POP / IMAP
  3. Next you need to close all the apps associated with Gmail (including the application linked with computer or laptop)
  4. Unlock the captcha and move further with iPhone or iPad
  5. Type your Gmail account and password and tap on continue
  6. If this does not fix your problem then go for the application-specific password which derives the effectiveness in your Gmail account.

In certain circumstances, you will see that your Gmail emails are viewed on your desktop but resign to work on iPhone. The main focus trends on the synchronization issue. To make this easier, the user requires communicating better with incoming and outgoing server settings. Also, ensure that you have settled the information accurately.

You can also go through your internet connectivity which can be slow. Just investigate if your data is on. In case incoming and outgoing settings respond well but still, the same issue is faced, it is suggested to remove the account and re-add it again. Sometime in am meanwhile, this problem can be related to the email apps. You also required making frequent updates of your Gmail application for a better version.

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