How to Resolve Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issue?

Gmail not receiving emails

19 October, 2022
Wells Jonathan

For the last few times, your Gmail is not updating i.e not receiving any emails. The situation is very annoying for someone who expecting an important email but not receiving it. This article will provide you with an instant solution to Gmail-related problems. It may be for various reasons likely the Google account runs out of storage space, lacks a stable internet connection, or there are wrong Gmail inbox settings. Go through the below-narrated piece of information for the solution of the search figure ‘Gmail not receiving emails


Clear Gmail storage space: Certainly, you know Gmail provides 15 GB of free storage space. Sometimes, the storage space becomes exhausted. Therefore, emails can’t be updated in the inbox. Therefore, the user needs to delete unwanted emails, from Gmail from time to time to maintain some empty spaces.


Make sure your emails aren't going to another folder: Sometimes email is not received in the Inbox. It receives in a Spam folder. Therefore, users need to check their email in the spam folder if it is not received in their Inbox.


Fix for internet connectivity: If the user faces trouble with Gmail not updating, then check the internet connectivity or you can change the network. Which may resolve the issue.


Fix the Gmail setting: On a computer, open Gmail and click the gear icon in the top-right corner and then click on settings.  Now select the option forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. After that, scroll down to IMAP Access and hit the bottom on Enable IMAP. Similarly, iPhone or Android devices also enable the IMAP setting. 


Add-on to this, the user can update the browser with the latest version and restart the system or change the browser. In this case Android or iPhone users, can uninstall and again reinstall the Gmail app. For further queries, the user can contact Google customer support for resolving the problem of Gmail not receiving emails and request technical support. 

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