How to Fix Gmail not Sending Emails

Gmail not sending emails

17 October, 2022
Liam Wagnor

Gmail email service is widely used by users due to the easy sending and receiving email service. However, it is an easy and quick setup process for a Google Gmail account with IMAP and POP server settings on Android and iOS devices. But many times, users faced the issue of Gmail not sending emails and being unable to fix it.

What Are the Reasons for the Issue Gmail Not Sending Emails?

Well, there may be various reasons to happen this issue such as Internet Connection or WIFI issue, Spam folder issue, Incorrect Sender Email Address, Email filters issue, Cloud Storage issue, Incorrect SMTP or POP Setting, Cache Issue, Antivirus issue, and many others.

What To Do If Gmail Not Sending Emails?

If you are also facing the same issue like trouble with Gmail not sending emails, you don’t need to take tension! Just try to open your Gmail account in a different web browser and then perceive it means it is working there. In case, if the problem continues, then you will require to follow the below-given troubleshooting solutions to fix this issue.

Solution 1:  Check the Internet Connection

Firstly, verify the network or Internet connection on your system or device. Also, check the mobile data connection or a Wi-Fi network. If it’s working is correct then again try to access the Gmail application.

Solution 2: Check POP and SMTP Server Setting

Another solution to solve the issue of Gmail not sending emails is just checking the email settings because sometimes POP/SMTP server settings are configured wrong.

Solution 3: Clear Cache & Data

Also, try to clear the locally stored Gmail cache and data which will help to fast run the Gmail email application.

Solution 4: Verify the Sender's Email Address

When Gmail not sending emails, then you also should check the sender's email address is correct.

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