Google Account or Gmail Not Syncing on iPhone

Google Account or Gmail Not Syncing on iPhone

5 September, 2022
Carrie Williams

Proclaiming the usage of Gmail, its best utilization is found with the iPhone. The right way to cover Gmail with iPhone is by syncing them. Syncing often results in keeping different applications secure whichever is associated with your Gmail account. Once you sync your contact, calendar, etc. you will find that your recent updates have been updated in your application added thereof.

Just in case you feel like your Gmail is not syncing in iPhone then you need to go through the key points which asks you to apply them.

  1. Move to settings option
  2. Find the contact, mails and calendar options from the accounts option
  3. Select Google and then tap on the menu option from the upper right corner and hit on remove an account.
  4. Your account will be removed from your iPhone.
  5. After removing the account you need to again add the fresh account of Gmail.
  6. After adding through the process, try to sync one more time and enjoy using it safely in other apps.

This was a way to sync Gmail on iPhone but several other methods are waiting to assist you in case you fail to apply these. You need to make sure that you are using the latest version of Gmail. Also, check your internet connectivity in case it is turned off or any network issue is disturbing.

You can also check the Gmail app from the settings like firstly open the settings option> move to apps and notifications > app info > Gmail > Storage > Clear data > Ok. After this try to restart your phone and sync it again. However, you can sync your Gmail on the iPhone very easily. To get more information regarding the syncing of Gmail just make sure that iPhone is updated with the latest version.

Google Not Sync on iPhone

Integration is an enjoyment, syncing make work easy and total fun! When you sync Google on iPhone but goggle not sync on iPhone that the pleasure went with this annoying issue.   Maybe your network is not properly connected or Wi-Fi is off.

There is a solution for your issue that ‘Google is not syncing on iPhone’. The good news is Google has introduced a simple way to sync Gmail contacts to your iPhone:

  • Google is a fascinating aspect when Google is syncing seamlessly to iPhone, but it fails then it is an utter disappointment. First of all, try these fixes for resolving this.
  • Check sync settings, maybe chrome is turned off for certain browsing data, thus you need to check out.
  • Next, insert sync passphrase, for more security you have to insert chrome sync passphrase if you are sync your data.
  • Then, sign-out of chrome and later sign-in, usually this fixes any random bugs and glitches which are causes of not syncing.
  • Now, check sync settings on other devices because you are encountering the issue of google is not syncing on your iPhone and this best check the sync settings on your other devices.
  • Another way is to use cellular data or change Wi-Fi DNS, due to poor connectivity chrome not syncing properly, hence try to use cellular data instead of Wi-Fi.
  • You have to reset network settings because improper settings are another cause of sync failure.
  • Till now nothing is working so reset chrome and re-sync, this process deletes all data stored within Google servers but after chrome gives a clean and fresh start.
  • Try in last, update and reinstall chrome, if they have not been synced to Google servers online or other devices, you would lose them forever, so offload the browser removes app but keep your data secure.  

Step 1:- Open the Settings.

Step 2:- Go for search ‘Mail’, ‘Contacts’, Calendars’.

Step 3:- Select ‘Add Accounts’ and choose ‘Other’.

Step 4:- Select ‘Add CardDAV Account’ then enters your account information in the given space.

Step 5:- Click ‘Next’ which is located at the top of your screen.

Step 6:- Make sure that ‘Contact’ is ON.

This method is easy for Gmail users to sync their Google contacts to their Ios devices and the company is launching support for an open protocol that is CardDAV. This protocol allows the third party clients like the native Ios contacts app.

Actually, Google supports IMAP for email and CardDAV for a calendar. This property enables mobile users on the Ios-ability to access both Gmail & Calendar.    

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