How to Fix Google Could not Verify this account belongs to me problem

Google Could Not Verify This Account Belong To Me

23 June, 2022
John Smith

Google Could not Verify this account belongs to me

After so many tries to remember your Google account password, if you are receiving an error message on your screen that says “Google could not verify your account” problem? If yes, then you should not worry!  In this post, you will get complete information on how to fix the "Google Couldn't Verify This Account Belong To Me" problem.

Well, sometimes, it occurs at a duration when you try to do a password reset process. That means Google is not verifying your ownership of this account. So that you have to verify your mail immediately and log into your account by checking that mail to solve the “Google Signin Error”. You need to quickly freak out in this situation. Then follow the below-mentioned methods to verify your ownership of your account and also solve the problem of signing a Google account problem.

Method 1: Use Recovery Email Address to Passwords Reset

Receiving an email of password reset link from Google on your recovery email address. This will take you to a password recovery page, so you can reset a new password for your Google account.

Method 2: Use Recovery Phone Number to Passwords Reset

If you are failing to access the Google login page, and still facing “Google Sign-in Error”? Or you are unable to verify your account by the above method? So, you can also receive a verification code from Google by SMS on your recovery phone number and then reset a new password and verify your Google account.

Method 3: Provide Correct Answering to the Security Questions

You can also choose the method of answering the security questions if you are uninformed of your recovery email address or phone number. Just provide the correct answer to the security questions which you had set while creating your Google account.

Thus, after using any of the above-given methods, you can quickly get your Google account verified, and then you can solve the problem ‘Google cannot verify my account’ problem or “Google Sign-in Error”. You can easily reset a new password for your Google/Gmail account. Moreover, you can go through the steps mentioned below to get your Google account verified.

Other Essentials Steps to Fix “Google Couldn't Verify This Account Belong To Me" Problem

You can also follow the below-given steps to fix the “Google Couldn't Verify This Account Belong To Me" Problem. Many google account users followed these simple steps to fix the Google account verification problem and get back their accounts.

The first step is that you should check that your account login credentials are correct. Make sure you are entering account credentials for signing in to your Google account.

Try to sign in to your Google account by using another web browser to realize whether the same issue is happening on that or not.

If you are still getting “Google Sign-in Error” then you need to perform the account recovery action by following the above recovery methods.

You can also contact the Google customer service team for quick help on this. A well-trained and experienced team of representatives will surely help to solve this problem and Google/Gmail account-related issues or errors.

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