What should I do when my Google Play Store unable to open?

25 June, 2019

Follow the given steps to fix Google Play Store unable to open problem

Clear cache and data- you need to do are clear the cache and data in your Google Play store. Clearing cache could sometimes solve your problem and it is easy. Deleting your data from the play store erases your files, settings, credential information, and databases. make sure you'll have the login details as you can’t restore that once deleted. For clearing cache go to the settings app, tap the menu it will show an option "show system" then scroll down and tap "Google Play Services". After this tap storage and go to clear the cache. And for clearing all your data go to the "Manage Space" then to "clear all data" option.

Another thing which can help is to install the latest Google Play store version. For installing your latest version open your Google play store app, then go the settings, scroll it and at the bottom, you'll see "Play Store Version", you can install it from here.

Resetting download manager - it is also a way to make your play store work, check the option which selected to 'enabled' then select force stop to shut down the app.

Re-add Google account - this could be one the possible reason, just go to the accounts in settings, select your Gmail account and remove it from accounts. Then again add your Google account and finish with the required details.

Also sometimes your SD card is not properly set which can cause problems. You just need to do is try to eject SD card and remove it, re-insert it.

Check your date and time settings- Google checks date and time from your play store. It could cause some issues if they are not correctly set. Google servers are synced with our phones through play stores. If this could be the reason you need to fix it, go to your "settings", you'll find "system" tab , now go to the Date and Time option ,it will show you if data and time set on your phone is the one which is automatic date and time is provided by the network or not.

Check disabled apps - some apps need other apps to function. It may happen if you have recently disabled any app that may have some data which is required by other apps for their functionality. So for this, you need to check your disabled apps, so go to the "settings" or "apps" scroll to the bottom, here you'll find your disabled apps, now enable one by one and see if it works or not.

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