Why is my Hotmail account not working on iPhone?

Hotmail account not working on iPhone

3 days ago
Jnr. Shermon

Why is my Hotmail account not working on my iPhone?

The Hotmail account can be easily accessed through several devices with the proper synchronization of the email account. Make sure that the Hotmail account is set up or synchronized correctly for access to the email. There may be several problems behind the email problem and this article will try to solve the problem. First, make sure there is adequate network connectivity to access the Hotmail account on the iPhone. Also, if the user is going to access the emails for the first time on the iPhone, make sure it is configured correctly.

Here are the steps to add a Hotmail account on the iPhone: -

  • Go to 'Settings' on iPhone followed by 'Accounts'. Then click on "Add account".
  • Select the Hotmail account and enter the email address. Click Next".
  • Enter the password for the Hotmail account and click "Next".
  • Give permission to access the data on the iPhone by clicking on 'Yes'.
  • Select the data that will be accessed on the device. Synchronize email, contacts, calendars, and reminders with the email account.
  • After the selection, click on "Save".
  • Now move to the Email application on the iPhone and the Hotmail account will be added. The user can now access the emails on the device.

Now there may be problems in accessing the email if the user has a Hotmail account application. Check the status page for interruptions or find help on the help page. If the Hotmail account application does not respond, it is best to update the application or reinstall an updated version of the application.

How to configure the Hotmail account on iPhone?

Here are the steps to set up Hotmail account on iPhone: -

  1. Open the iPhone and click on "Settings".
  2. Scroll down and select 'Mail, Contacts, and Calendars’.
  3. Then click on "Add account" and scroll down to select "Other".
  4. Click on "Add an email account" and then the user must enter "Name", "Hotmail (Live mail) Email address" and "Password".
  5. Click on "Next" at the top right to advance.
  6. If the user receives an error message, click "OK".
  7. Click on the "POP" button when it turns blue.

Need further help? Visit the Help forum of the Hotmail account for the configuration and setup problems. The steps are provided on the website according to the convenience of the user.


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