How can I change my phone number in Gmail?

2 August, 2019
Emma Watson

Change Your Phone Number in Gmail

Today, Gmail has become an essential tool in our day to day business, studies, etc. It is a more conventional interface that allows you to organize mail flexibly. Gmail has filters to automatically organize email, delete or forward emails to other addresses.

How to change the phone number in Gmail on your system

There are several procedures to follow to change the Gmail phone number. Let us begin:

  1. Open the web browser and visit the Gmail interface.
  2. Start by logging into your Gmail account. (if required)
  3. Now, navigate to the account display image on the upper right side of the screen. If you have not uploaded any photo of yourself, it will show the initial letter of your name.
  4. The time the pop-up menu flashes, click Google Accounts.
  5. Google accounts will appear on the screen, click on "Privacy and personal information".
  6. In the privacy and personal information, scroll down and select "Your personal information" and then select "Phone".
  7. On the right side of the Google account, you will see the Edit icon. Click on it.
  8. Now, you must authenticate the Google account again. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  9. You must mention your security key or password and click Next.
  10. Now, you will have to jump to the phone screen. Option Edit option.
  11. Select Update phone number.
  12. The next step is to write the desired number, confirm it by clicking on the "Select" button to finish the process.

How to change the Gmail phone number on Android?

Changing the phone number on Android is almost identical to the process of your computer. Some menus and icons are somewhat different.

  1. Open the Gmail application on your device and log in to your account. (if required).
  2. Click on the Menu option in the upper left
  3. Now a drop-down menu will appear, select Menu Settings.
  4. Then, navigate to the top of the screen and enter your Gmail address.
  5. Click on the option "Manage your Google account".
  6. Now, the Google account screen will flash on the screen. Click on Personal information and privacy.
  7. Personal information and privacy interface will flash on the screen. Select "Phone."
  8. To the right of the phone number of your Google account, touch the Edit option.
  9. Re-authenticate your Google account, you must enter your password and touch Sign in.
  10. Touch the Edit option represented by pencil again.
  11. Click Update Number, located just below in the right corner of the screen.
  12. Enter your desired phone number and touch Select to complete the process.

The above steps can be followed if you want to know how to change my Gmail phone number on the iPhone.

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