How to change Suddenlink Wi-Fi name and password


12 May, 2022
Ronan Williams

How to Change Suddenlink WiFi Password and Username [Updated]

Suddenlink has been offering the best of the services to the users. People are extremely happy and satisfied with the services they are being offered with Suddenlink which is one of the prime reasons they do not want to switch to some other services. But one of the recent concerns that have been thrown by most of the users in recent times is the process through which they can change the wi-fi name and password. This tutorial is specifically devoted to such kind of people. They can simply move down the tutorial to get curated and precise steps through which users such kind of issue can be resolved on an instant basis.

Change the name and password of Suddenlink Wi-Fi

In order to ensure that users are getting the best of the services from their router, it is recommended that users change their wi-fi name and password at regular intervals. This will prevent users from any sort of hacking and security concerns. There is a proper and sequential procedure that will need to be followed by the users in order to change the Suddenlink wi-fi name and change the Suddenlink wi-fi password. Users can always get the same by moving down the tutorial and following the below mentioned sequential or step by step procedure to get the task executed in an effective manner.

Method 1: Steps to change Suddenlink wi-fi name and password:

  • Step 1: Users can start the process by opening a browser of their choice with a sound internet connection in it.
  • Step 2: Once that has been done in an effective manner then the next thing which users will need to do is open the admin panel on their browser.
  • Step 3: Once that has been done then users will get a login screen from the end of the server in which they will need to enter the admin name and password.
  • Step 4: Once the users have logged in to the screen successfully then they can move on to the modem configuration of the screen in which they will be asked to change the password.
  • Step 5: Users can now update the password by entering a new one and create a strong and secure password of their wi-fi name and password.

Method 2: Process to Reset Suddenlink WiFi Password

The other way through which such kinds of things can be done on an instant basis is through directly through the router. In this case, users can simply do is move on their router side and then from there, they can find a reset button that is available at the back of the router. Users can simply do is long-press the same and then the password of the router will automatically get reset. So users can feel free to choose the process which mode suits them the best and get a quick solution to their issue and error. The only problem with this method is that the method is kind of traditional in nature and may not be available in modern ones.

Simple Ways to Change Suddenlink Password

Every Suddenlink customer has an email id and a password to protect the account. Due to increasing hacking problems, the user should change the password regularly and should not share it with anyone. Here it is shown, how to change the Suddenlink password in a very easy way.

  1. Open the official web site and click on Log in.
  2. Enter the credentials and click on Login.
  3. Click on the gear icon for Settings.
  4. Through Settings, go to the Passwords & Security tab.
  5. Then click on Change Password.
  6. The user will be asked for verification.
  7. Then enter the current password in the field provided.
  8. Enter the new password in the next field and retype to confirm.
  9. Now Save the Settings.
  10. Close all the windows and login with the new password.

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