How To Activate Norton Antivirus With Product Key?

15 March, 2019

How To Activate Norton Antivirus With Product Key - Tips & Hints

If you wish to use functions of the anti-malware program, you are required to activate it. It's a way of telling Norton that you have actually purchased their product (antivirus), instead of downloading a pirated version. They will unlock certain functions in return, thus helping users to get most of the antivirus. It actually means that only activated Norton anti-virus will give your system maximum safety.
SO, don't waste your time, activate your Norton Anti-virus as quick as the installation process is completed. However, activation can be done easily, if you go through the steps suggested by Norton. The  steps are like:
1. Look for product key: If the user has downloaded the program from an online source, they should find the key in the confirmation mail. In case, if it has been bought by them on a CD, the product key will be on a card in the box. They can find the key from there.
2. Activate the key: Open the Norton Anti-virus, then click on Activate now. The button is situated at the bottom of the box, right next to subscription status.
3. Enter product key: Now, type the key followed by pressing Next
4. Seal the deal: Please, check the details before you click on 'Done' option
Now, we can conclude that Norton activation is quite an easier process. However, users complain that they have the issue while renewing their subscription. When they enter a new key, an issue arises. It generally happens with those users using the previous version of Norton. But, it doesn't mean that it has no solution. 

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