How to Add Images to Google My Business for SEO

Updated: Friday, 5 April, 2019
Lenny Gomez

Adding Images to Google My Business for SEO

If you are a business owner using digital marketing or manage the social media presence for a brand or local business for your place of employment, here is one of our how to “SEO Tips” that can be implemented with your smartphone camera and “Google My Business” App.

These days consumers are making purchasing decisions prior to stepping foot in your place of business. That’s Fact!

They are Googling your business name, reading your online reviews (check ours), finding you on social media, and pretty much consuming anything they can find out about your business.

They’ll know about you in the first 5 minutes through a Google Search and will decide if they want to spend their money at your business

And this is where “Images” play a role in your overall local SEO campaign.


Depending on the type of business you are, making sure your brand has the right images that include your place of business, products or services, and staff photos will help bring more authenticity to your business online.

It will also help paint a picture of your business.

It is best to use real pictures that are both accurate and appealing; this will help potential customers understand your business better and maybe click on your website or take an action like calling you via mobile.

There are different types of photos that you can upload to your GMB listing and they include:

  • Preferred Photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Business Logo
  • Cover Photo
  • Additional Photos

Some of the best practices that will increase your chances of ranking better locally on Google Mobile is to use the JPG or PNG file format as well as keeping your image size between 10 kb and 5 mb.

This is really important as a high percentage of people searching locally are doing so on mobile devices – the smaller the image size, the quicker it will load on a mobile device.

It is highly recommended that your images are “raw” and real, and the use of photoshop is “frowned” upon to touch up the photos. The recommended resolution for your business images is 720px tall and 720px wide.

Image SEO

By making sure the images you upload are the correct file size and filename will get you one step ahead of your competition.

Next you want to embed keywords to your image. On Apple MacBook when you open your image, look on the menu bar for Tools → Show Inspector.

A box will appear where you can add keywords to your image. It is advisable that you do not keyword stuff or come up with anything that may penalize your website or your clients.

One good place to look for similar keywords would be to look for misspellings if they have a lot of keyword search traffic and doing a keyword search.

Here is an example for the digital marketing agency world:

{GOOGLE} “Local SEO for Enterprise Companies” and on the very bottom of the search results you will probably see the, “Searches related to Local SEO for Enterprise Companies” with the following:

  • best local seo company
  • local seo marketing company
  • top seo companies 2016
  • best local seo company in the nation
  • search engine optimization company reviews
  • top local seo company orange county
  • local seo expert
  • best seo companies in the world

Adding some of these searches as part of your embedded image keyword strategy can help your chances of getting your Google My Business listing / Google Maps a better position within Google’s local search rankings.

Once you have your images optimized with keyword inspector you can save the files and email them to your smartphone. Open up your Google My Business “App” and upload your photos from your smartphone to your Google Business Listing.

Some of these photos will be geo-tagged since they were taken from your smartphone at your place of business or near it. Make sure to have your location settings updated to allow your images to be geo-located.

If they are not you can always use a photo sharing site like Flickr and geo-tag the location that and download the images or use a website like Geo Tag MyPic.

Backlinks to Increase Rankings

A quick way to get strong backlinks from strong domains includes signing up to photo sharing websites such as Flickr, Pinterest, Trover, and Dribble.

We wrote a LinkedIn Article that helped us gain a quick keyword ranking for LA Fitness CityPlace in less than 11 days using only 4 backlinks. You can read about the image SEO strategy at our LinkedIn Article.

Moving Forward!

As the world wide web continues to evolve at an alarming pace (AI, Automation, Machine Learning, Robots, etc) it is important to keep up with both past and future trends.

With smartphones getting smarter and smarter; virtual reality / augmented reality coming to age, images along with video marketing will always play a crucial role in a brands development online.


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