How to add yahoo mail to iphone


26 February, 2019
Harry Finch

Tips & Hints to Setup Yahoo on iPhone

What are the steps to connect Yahoo with Iphone?

  1. Firstly user need to tap on settings option in iphone.
  2. Then user have to select on mail, contact and calendars.
  3. Now user have to add account and click on other option.
  4. Then tap on add mail account. Enter email address followed by Yahoo password and click on next option.
  5. User need to select POP under incoming mail server and SMTP under outgoing mail server use port type 587 and SSL need to be off. User need to provide hostname Yahoo for both incoming and outgoing mail server and provide email address and Yahoo password in box provided. Then click on done option.
  6. In advance setting user need to select server port 995 and SSL need to be on. Select done option and Yahoo mail will connect to Iphone.

Steps to quickly setup Yahoo outgoing smtp settings on iphone

User need to configure Yahoo outgoing SMTP settings on iphone so that mails are delivered accurately and on time.

Steps to setup Yahoo smtp on iPhone are as follows:-

1.Tap on settings option available on iphone , Tap on Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. Then under the Accounts option , user will see Add Account. Then tap Other.

2.Under Name option available , enter users Name and write Yahoo Email id under address and in Yahoo password option write the Yahoo password of that email id.

3.Then user will come across Description option , type a description. click on Save option. A message will pop up, tap Next in the top right corner of the iPhone device.

5.Under the Outgoing Mail Server heading, tap SMTP and then user have to tap on add server.

6.Enter all the type of settings provided below:

Server: user has to set server type on.

Host name: It is user SMTP server's name

User name: enter email address.

Yahoo password: The Yahoo password user type- Use SSL: set it as off – unless user have enabled an SSL mode on users SMTP server.

Authentication: Tap this and tap Yahoo password, write on users own Yahoo password.

Server Port: add server port as 587 if 25 is blocked.

7.Now tap on done option.

Why Yahoo email is not working on iPhone?

  • User need to check network connection, If Yahoo not working on iPhone user need to check internet connectivity
  • User need to update app again to check whether email is working or not
  • User need to check server setting for incoming and outgoing server
  • Due to exchange account user may not be able to verify information.
  • errors related to domain error
  • errors related to mail message stored in IMAP server
  • errors related to bug fixing
  • User need to verify that email account information and Yahoo password is correct.

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