How to bypass Google verification on Samsung?

1 July, 2019
Martin Copx

How to bypass Google verification on Samsung?

As the time passes, a person can never become the same as he used to be before, believing and hoping for a new and bright day, one can opt for best services going on in this world. Technology serves those facilities which can be perfectly applied at a time. Including and applying the changes required by you, every day the equipment and software get harmed. Bringing in front of all the minor issues, Samsung has its own platform in delivering the most favorable functionalities working for hours and also serving the best quality products in different places.

Samsung has its unique features which attract people from several countries. From sharing media file to storing important data’s, Samsung can multi-functions whenever required. In case any difficulty troubles your Samsung device just go for troubleshoot process or apply those factors which allow your device to work again. Possessing the correct usage of Samsung, one can require guidance regarding the utilization of Samsung functions. One of the help which is needed by Samsung is how to bypass Google verification on Samsung? Move along with the solutions to know more:

Factories reset the Samsung device and then restart it > choose the language and connect to the Wi-Fi network > add on the credentials asked by Google > hold “@” on the virtual keyboard emerged > Select Google keyboard settings > Now, you need to tap 3 dots on the window (depending on versions of Android) > In the drop-down menu, select Help & Feedback > From the help section, select “Using Google keyboard” > press and hold any text on the page and move to web search > a search bar appears where you need to click on settings > Scroll down and choose “About phone” > enter the menu and find the builder number > now tap 7 times > Go back again the previous menu and click on Developer’s option > you must enable OEM unblocking and tap on back twice > restart your device and connect to Wi-Fi again > You won’t be asked for the details again > lastly, add the new account after which you will have complete access to the device.

In this way, you will be able to control the bypass Google verification on Samsung. It will be a walking way for a person to move slowly and steady along with analyzing and finalizing altogether when it comes to using a Samsung device. You may be surprised but it’s true that Samsung has the only function which can change the font of the keyboard. This unique feature justifies it's quality running and attractiveness grabbing the attention of many people.

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