How to Change Facebook Password without Old Password


4 July, 2022
Lenny Gomez

How to change facebook password without old password?

Facebook is one of the most powerful and engaging social media website. Millions of people are registering to facebook daily because of its pretty simple user interface. On facebook the account holders share their activities, photos and videos with their friends within a minute. In addition to this facebook also offers video calling and messanger facility to its registered users.

Usually we tend to forget the password that we had set to log in to the facebook app on different devices like phones ,tablets , PCs etc. This is because all the modern devices today have the capability of personalisation i.e.signing in using  saved login credentials leading to the user forgetting the original password that was set for that account.Therfore, it is recommended that we recover the account using the "Forgot password"option.

Sign out of your facebook account by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to your security and Login settings.
  2. Go to the section where you are LOgged in.You may have to click "See More " to see all the sessions where you are Logged in.
  3. Find the sessions you want to end.Click and then click "Log Out".

Now you need to use the "forgot password" option to reset your password.Use the feature: Forgot my Password: feature on social media.

  • Through the link sent to your email, form a new password.
  • To add, see, edit your Facebook username, go to Settings> General> Username.

Try the following steps if you have lost your email account as well:

1. Use the feature “Forgot my Password" on your email provider.

2. Access back by confirming your account information, including but not limited to

a. Date of creation

b. Backup phone/email

c. Security question

d. Manual confirmation by email provider through email or phone.

In case you still have access to your email address you signed up with but don’t remember which one you used, the “Facebook help page" suggests the following action:

1. One of your friends can look at the "About “section of your profile and send you an email listed in the "Contact Information "section.

2. Try to enter every email id or phone number you owned one at a time.

3. Enter your username it is your personalised Facebook URL. 

4. If u still don’t see your username, ask your friend to view your profile and send you the URL.

5. Next you can try to enter name in variation.

6. if your friend doesn’t locate your account, try a variety of friends names.

Updating Facebook Password without Using Old Password

Sometimes facebook account holders may stuck in some ridiculous errors and users get panic. Some of the common issues which are generally seen such as change facebook password without old password, account hacking issues, photo upload problems, how to go live and many more. 

Out of the above discussed problems changing the password is most common problem experienced by users. If you are one of them and forgot your account password then don’t worry! We are here to assist you. Here are few simple steps to be followed to change the account password without knowing the old password.

  1. link
  2. Enter your email address, phone number and click Log In.
  3. Click Forgotten Password option.  The password reset dialog box opens.
  4. Enter registered phone number or email account to search your account and click Search option. You can see a number of facebook users. Select your facebook account.
  5. Click the radio button through which you want to receive the password reset link whether your registered email address or phone number and click Continue.
  6. The password reset dialog box opens. Facebook will send the password reset code to your phone number or email address.
  7. Check your mobile message inbox/ email inbox, enter the code in respective field and click Continue option.
  8. Enter a new password in dialog box and click Change Password.

After following the above given steps anyone can change facebook password without old password. If you are still experiencing any difficulty in resetting the password then connect with facebook customer support immediately to get instant help. They must choose very strong password that can secure their account from hackers. In addition, the users have to change their account password on regular basis this make the account more safe. Changing the account password frequently make it difficult for hackers to hack the account. So it is good to change the password.



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