How to Change Homepage in Internet Explorer

12 September, 2019
Cindy Boucher

In case most people have some websites and they have to check every time when there is opening Internet Explorer for going online. Hence, people should learn ‘How to change your home page in Internet Explorer.’

What are the ways to change your homepage for Internet Explorer?

Here a few steps for resolving your problem:

  • Firstly, you have to open Internet Explorer.
  • Select ‘Tools’ and lead to Internet Options.
  • Next, on the ‘General tab,’ in ‘Homepage’, here enter the URL of the website you wish to set as a homepage.
  • Now, select ‘Apply’, then select ‘OK’.
  • When next time you open a new browsing window or select the ‘Home. ‘Your home pages would be loaded automatically.
  • Click ‘Home page’ and go to your home page.
  •  Another way, click ‘Home page buttons that are under the text box.

These buttons allow you to set the home pages which are not having any need to type URLs.  Clicking following buttons is the process of replacement of any Web pages that are currently set as your home page.-: use current, default or blank.  When you choose the first option then it sets whatever page is currently shown on the window of browsing as your home page, while in the second one sets your home page as the MSN home page and last option – if you are a minimalist then this setting is suitable for you here no web page displays and then you see a blank space only.

Home Page

Every time when you launch your home page in Internet Explorer, then it opens the same pages or pages. Thus, you can change them easily; actually, the home page is a corporate site such as Google, Face book or the personal website too.

You can change your home page in Internet Explorer so that every time you launch it, this opens to the same pages or page where you were.

A point to be noted, for removing a home page that was set up then you have to click ‘ the arrow on the home page then select ‘Remove’ and choose a particular home page or select ‘ Remove All from the sub-menu which displayed.

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