How to Clear Google App History and Cache on iPhone

How to Clear Google App History and Cache on iPhone

1 July, 2022

Google App users give a straightforward way to search the things of interest and highly personalized user experience to the iOS device users. Developed by one of the finest development teams in the technology world, this app collects all the activities under the hood. But the display of specific activities doesn’t entertain all the users, especially when they are performing a search or getting any update. Also, the situation may get annoying if some other user is using the same device. Are you facing a similar issue? Just clear your browsing history and delete the locally stored activities.

Clear History by Activity

If you want to remove particular searches or sites, deleting activity is useful for you. To do this, you need to visit the upper-left corner of the Google app and click on the gear-shaped Settings icon. Then you need to scroll downwards and select the Privacy icon. It will allow you to click on History and View On-Device History. Swipe the item to the left that is needed to be removed, and then click on Delete. Just repeat the steps to remove the next. After you have gone through this process, you won’t get the deleted searches or visited websites immediately on top of the suggestions list. Now you will learn how to clear Google App History and Cache on the iPhone entirely.

Clear History Entirely

Open the Settings panel of the Google app if you are willing to remove all the searches and website visits History from your iPhone. Now click on History in the Settings window and then tap Clear On-Device History. The confirmation pop-up box will appear where you need to click on the Clear On-Device History again. You are not likely to get your browsing history while performing any search.

Clear history from Google servers

To clear Google App History and Cache on the iPhone, you also need to delete it from Google servers. Google app communicates your activities and records them on the Google servers if you are performing those activities when you are signed in to your Google Account. You can stop past activities from showing up during the removal process. Keep it in mind that the personalized feed won’t be affected since the app uses what is recorded online for that purpose. So, you will have to delete any unwanted browsing history from your Google Account for deleting them from Google servers. You can do this by specific activities using keywords or huge swathes of recorded history with the preset/custom time frames.

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