How to Configure Outlook for Gmail in Windows 10

27 September, 2022
Albert Wills

How to Configure Outlook for Gmail in Windows 10?

Outlook mail comes preinstalled with every version of the Microsoft Windows operating system to provide a personalized emailing system with wide options to integrate different mail accounts in one app and communicate with different groups of people from the single application.

The mailing app in Windows 10 comes with more interactive features to send or receive emails and navigate through various other menus without too much effort. The best part of outlook mail on windows 10 is that you can configure Gmail in outlook or any other clients into this app and access your emails with an option to get an instant alert on new mail notification on your desktop.  

To access all your emails on of Gmail account on the outlook mail app running on windows 10 you need to set up Gmail in outlook windows 10 with the right configuration and settings of POP3 & IMAP on your PC. And to know how to configure outlook for Gmail in Windows 10 you can find below the simple process explained by the expert to avoid any trouble.

Steps to Setup and Configure Gmail in Outlook Windows 10:

Step1: Start with launching the mail app and open the gear icon in the lower corner and navigate to Settings>Accounts.

Step2: Now, you will see the email you use for your Microsoft Account to log in – click Add Account to integrate your mail account. This option is for adding any other mail account other than outlook.  

Step3: After clicking on add account you will get a list of all other mail service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and other mailing services. Just click the one you want to add and here you need to add the Google account which allows you to access your Gmail account.

Step4: After choosing the Google account you will be redirected to the login screen and asked to enter your Gmail id and then the password. Once your mail id and password match your Gmail account will be activated.    

Step5: However, if you enabled Google Two-Factor Authentication then you need to wait for the confirmation code and verify your account before login in.   

Step6: Now accept the agreement of what mail app you want to access from your account.  

Now after accepting the agreement, you will be allowed to get all your emails on your outlook and your inbox will be synced to show you the latest emails which can also be accessed from various other devices like mobile phones and tablets, etc.

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