How to Connect Two Computers Via LAN Cable in Windows 10

10 October, 2019
Jason Moore

Data Sharing is often common among computers, you can transfer either by a USB flash drive or via an external hard drive to move these files. Nowadays technology has climbed up several stairs. Cloud has created its own space. Most of the organizations and users have moved to the cloud. You can use Dropbox, Google Drive to share files among computers. Well each of them has its own benefits and shortcomings.

Here you will get another mode for data sharing and that is connecting two computers via LAN cable in Windows 10.

In data sharing, one computer acts as an input system and another as an output system that is one outputs the data and other inputs it. So during crossed wiring in crossover cable connects the transmit signal at one end and receiving signal at another end. That frames crossover cables more realistic for an Ethernet connection between two computers.

The following are the steps to connect two computers via LAN cable in Windows 10.

Steps to Connect Two Computers Via LAN Cable in Windows 10

  1. Visit Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings in your system.
  2. Then tap on Change Adapter Settings and you will get different types of connection options.
  3.  Choose the precise connection for your LAN and generally, the connection is known as Ethernet and have the description network cable is not plugged.
  4.  Right-click on the connection and choose properties options. Thus you will get the LAN connection properties window on your screen.
  5. In the Network tab, choose Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and hit on Properties tab given below.
  6. So in the properties window change the IP address and subnet masks of the first computer to:

IP -

Subnet Mask –

Similarly, repeat the above-noted process for the second computer also:

                     IP –

                     Subnet Mask –

Note that the least values of both the IP addresses should be different.

  1. Then join the network ports of both of the computers with a crossover cable. Both ends of network cable are identical, so it does not matter which terminal you use first.
  2.  Further, right-click on This PC and select Properties followed by Change Settings -> Change. You will get a prompt having the name of the workgroup.
  3. The name of the workgroup should be the same for both computers. By default it’s WORKGROUP and you can change it for your suitability.
  4.  Then right-click on the drive you want to use for data sharing and scroll down to Give access to alternative and tap Advanced Sharing.
  5.  In the Sharing tab, section click on the Advanced Sharing button.
  6.  Advanced Sharing prompt will appear on your system screen. Then tap on Share this folder checkbox and tap Apply -> OK.

So both the computers are successfully connected for further data sharing.

File Transfer

  1. You can transfer a particular file or folder from one computer to another.
  2. Right-click on the particular file or folder from the first computer, tap on Give access to followed by Specific people.
  3. In the File sharing prompt choose Everyone from the drop-down list and click on Add followed by Share.
  4. Visit the Network Panel of the second computer and the first one will be ADMIN-HP.
  5. Double-tap on it and all shared files will appear on the screen.
  6. Now you can use the normal copy and paste operation to move the desired content.

Hope this article turns worthy for you. Stay tuned with some more tech-related content.

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