How To Create Bill Reminder Or Schedule Transactions In Quicken

Updated: Friday, 15 March, 2019

How To Create Bill Reminder Or Schedule Transactions In Quicken

With the introduction of Quicken software, now it has become easier for users to manage their personal finance. You can manage your income and expense all in one place. Even, you can schedule reminders for your bills to pay them on time. With this, you can see all your financial accounts at one place, thus help you in analyzing how much you have spent and how much you have saved.
The budget can be prepared and at the end of each month, it can be checked whether you have spent according to it or not. In short, it contains all those features that users expect in the financial management tool.
It would be beneficial for you that you can schedule transaction to be made in the near future. Whenever the user schedules any new transaction in Quicken, the software creates the reminder for that specific transaction that when they will become due (along with details involved). However, the following steps can be considered if you want to create the new scheduled transaction
- First of all, select that a/c in which you want to add the transaction
- After then, open “Transactions” tab
- Now, click on the “New” tab
- Put the specified date for the new transactions
- If you wish to create a schedule for the transaction, move to “Schedule” checkbox    and put recurring schedule details there
- Fill other necessary details in the space provided for the same
- In case, you want to add any other detail, tap on “Edit Details”
- After providing all the required details click on the “Save” option. It will then create the new scheduled transaction in your prescribed a/c
The existing transaction can be edited as well as transaction schedule can also be updated. As you create a scheduled transaction, it's now Quicken responsibility to remind you of that particular date to make payments.
Another best feature is that you can also create the scheduled transaction for repeating online payments. The feature is beneficial when you have to make the fixed payment every month, for say, monthly bills. Put details regarding the amount to be paid and for how many months you need to pay. It helps to make timely payments. Also, the option can be canceled by a user when all the payments have been made.

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