How to drop a pin on Google Maps from your desktop or mobile app

27 September, 2019
M. Haley

How to drop a pin on Google Maps from your desktop or mobile app

Google Maps has been popularized as an indispensable tool for surrounding the modern world. It doesn’t matter how long the service serves around, and how long the explanation of many of its maps are, some places still decline to be founded. And this is redeems Google’s mistake. Google Maps has modified it so easy to locate. Finding almost any address is as easy as typing it into the search box, but there are times when that won’t quite work. If the location you’re trying to fix to doesn’t contain an address or the address is not appropriate, you might want to drop a pin on the map in case. Similarly, if you don’t know the accurate address, it might be better to just drop a pin in the general bar.

Let’s prove that we can also find the solution for the pin drop on Google maps on desktop or mobile phone

Begin with a mobile phone-

  • Open the Google location Maps app on the iPhone or Android device.
  • Navigate for an address using the search bar at the top of the screen or move around the map until you get where you want to drop a pin.
  • Tap and hold the page to drop a pin. You need to make sure that if you’re using an iPhone, you don’t press hard enough to overcome Force Touch.
  • Click on the pin to get directions to that location and share or save them. Do follow these simple steps.

Continue on desktop-

  • Move to the Google Maps portal.
  • Find the address using the search bar on the upper left side of the screen or scroll around the map until you find the location where you want to drop a pin.
  • Left hit the spot you want to drop the pin. You may require zooming in or tap slightly to either side of the location you require dropping a pin if there is already a checkmark here. You’ll view a small grey pin occur, along with an infobox at the bottom of your page.
  • You can hold the search icon in the infobox to receive directions to the dropped pin or hit anywhere else in the box to welcome more information about the location you’ve chosen.
  • From the page of additional information, you can store the pin to Your Places, where you can quickly grab access them in the future from the main menu.

Dropping number of pins by modifying a map on desktop 

  • Open the Google Maps website.
  • While you don’t require signing in to drop single pins (unless you want to save them), you’ll need to be signed in when created the map. Follow quickly.
  • On the very top, left corner of your page hit the menu icon.
  • Tap Your Places, then Maps, and concluding with creating a map
  • A new window will appear with your modified custom map. Give it a name and a small description if you feel inclined by clicking Untitled Map and filling in the requisite boxes. Make sure to press the save button before you hit away.
  • The user can now pinpoint areas by either clicking the checkmark icon under the search bar and placing it on the map or searching for particular locations.
  • In case you only plan on utilizing the map for yourself, there’s nothing else you require accomplishing. If you require sharing it, hold the Share icon in the upper left.

Main things are gathered only when you are put effort finding the correct solution for any of the situation arising in regards to Google products and most probably the Google maps. Finding solutions for every aspect is not difficult but getting true knowledge about it is a miracle without wasting time. Just apply the steps frequently and make changes in your Google map to drop pin from mobile phone or desktop. 

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