How To Fix CC-502 Error In Quicken?

15 March, 2019

How To Fix CC-502 Error In Quicken?

Without any doubt, we can say that QUICKEN is a boon for the business world.
Also, some issues are attached to this widely accepted product of Intuit. Here, in this blog post, we shall discuss 'Error CC-502'.It's a very common error among the users that take place while updating your Bank A/c into the software.

Symptoms of Error CC-502

- The active program window crashes, at the occurrence of the error.
- The performance of Window also becomes slow and make a slow response to mouse or keyboard.
- You’ll see that your pc periodically “freezes” for a few seconds.
Generally, at the time of program installation, this error messages appear, while the software is running during Windows startup or shutdown. Or we can  
say, at the time of installation of Windows OS.

Following mentioned are some probabilities for Quicken Error CC-502:

- Financial institutions updated some services.
- There may be a problem with the data file.
- The accounting software is not running with latest release etc.

 Way to Resolve the Error:

Given method will help you in rectifying this error, if not, then help can be taken from our support center.
- First of all, make sure that you are having the current release.
- You may check for updates by going to Help> Check for Updates. If no updates are available, a confirmation pop up will appear saying you are already having the latest release.
Just wait for 1 business day. After then, refresh your online a/c information. Maintenance on your bank’s website can be the reason behind the error code. Try to update again in a few hours or the next day. If the issue still prevails even on the next day, you should go for given steps: 
- First, open the transaction register for the a/c having an error message.
- After then, click on gear Icon that you can see on the upper right of the register, followed by selecting 'Update Now'.
- To do with an update, you are required to follow on-screen directions.
- Repeat the same steps for each a/c showing this error code.

In case, the above steps failed to remove the error then:

It may possible that special characters used in a bank a/c login password may intervene with the software ability to download transactions. And, the special characters, we are talking about here can be: 
a) ampersand(&),
b) left carat(<),
c) right carat(>), 
d) backslash(\), and 
e) forward slash(/).
Please note that these steps are only for those a/cs set up for Express Web Connect.Given steps will work for a/cs connected via Direct Connect or Web Connect.
- Sign in to your bank site.
- Now, set new password involving characters other than special characters like &, <, >, \, or, /.
- Launch Quicken. After then, move to Tools > Password Vault > Add/Edit Passwords.
- In this step, click on the account in the Password Vault.
- Select Change Password for the account.
- Please, insert the same password you used to log into the bank’s site, and then click on 'Change' option.
After then, hit 'Done' option.
- At last, select Tools > One Step Update to make sure that the issue has been removed.





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