How Can I Fix Google Maps Not Working Problem?

Google maps not working

10 November, 2022
Albert Loius

Google Maps not Working Properly

It might be simply asked sometimes that how one manages the entire day full of stress surrounded. The answer will be either he ignores the task or else follows the time management. Why we are explaining this to you? With the growth in technology, every individual is capable enough to start their own venture. However, it quite obvious that a small issue can disturb the whole task which remains pending for days. Similarly, one needs to compress their issues and work with dignity and the same rule is being applied on Google.

Now, let’s not go too deep and focus on the main difficulty which is how one can fix Google maps if it’s not working. Google map is the best and most prominent navigating and locating application which is being designed for those who usually fail to find their destination. From a small café to big places, everything can be located wherever you are.

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Let’s assume a situation that you are traveling by road using Google map and suddenly it stops working, what will you do?

1)    Turn on location service:

  • Switch on your device, go to the Settings
  • Then privacy
  • Look for location Services and make sure that Location Services are on. Then scroll down and find the Google Maps app and click Google Maps and select either “While Using the App” or “Always”.

2)    Reboot your iPhone or iPad or Android. Restarting your device may fix your issue. There more than one way to turn off your device. Follow:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Then general
  • Scroll down and click Shut Down.

3)    Turn on Airplane Mode for a short time.

  • On your phone, go to the Settings
  • Move to Airplane Mode and then turn on
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Then turn off again

We hope you have got a better understanding now, if not then raise your query with our experts and get a quick solution. Whenever your Google map stops working, make sure you have an updated version or else good internet connectivity along with the correct location. Your Google map usually stops working if your phone is not updated on time or you are using the old version.

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