How to Fix Google Play Download Pending Problem?

Google Play Download Pending

10 February, 2020
Alex Latham

Google Play Store Stuck on Downloading [Solved 2020]

In this tech-savvy world, people want everything is to be done in a single click. The mobile applications have made it much easier. The people are having mobile applications for each and every task that they want to be performed whether it is related to banking, job, shop any many more. It is very easy because there are lots of applications available on the Google play store. From there they can search required mobile application and install it on a mobile phone very easily.

Google play store is the best platform that is inbuilt on your mobile phone. From there, customers can get all the applications of their choice. In Google play store the customers can download and install the applications and use it full fledge. But sometimes it is seen that Google play downloading pending message on the mobile phone.

Google play store is the one-stop solution of all the applications that required on your mobile phone. It is equipped with lots of salient features that run over millions of servers and can fulfill billions of customer request daily. We know that Google has offered many web-based services and the google play store is one of them. Here, users can download and install mobile applications as per their devices.

Now, we know that Google play store is the only source that is available in every smartphone by default. The users can install any mobile application from here. But what happened when you get Google Play download pending error. You don’t worry! We are here to assist you.

Follow Some Simple Tricks to Resolve Play Store Download Pending Problem:-

Check the Wi-Fi connection

Check your internet connection when trying to download a mobile application. If your internet connection is not working or terribly slow then you may get Google Play store download pending problem. If your wi-fi is not working then you can toggle to the mobile data and try to download the mobile application once again.

Unfortunately, it may happen that your mobile data also not working or show connected with a problem error then you can search for a new wi-fi connection. You can connect your mobile phone with another wi-fi network or can ask your friend to switch on the hotspot. After connecting with other networks, you can now try to download the application.

Make Way

The Google play store is always having the latest mobile applications. When vendor updates application the play store updates it automatically on a server so that the customers can get the latest one. But sometimes it happens that it may be in the queue and you are trying to download it. In that case, you may get Google to play downloading pending error message.

Disabling the VPN

Most of the people are using VPN as they are conscious of their privacy. The VPN restricts a particular region and sites to visit that increase my internet speed and block the ads. So, if you are using the VPN server for privacy prospectus disable it for some time and try to download the application once again.

Clearing Cache Data

It may possible that the Google play store may not work due to lots of cache memory and leftover data. So, first, clear the cache memory and try to download and install the mobile application. It may possible that you get success in downloading and installing the application.

Remove SD Cards

SD cards are the external memories which are used by the customers for data storage. In many cases, it may happen that your SD card gets corrupted. It may be the main cause of getting Google Play download pending problems. So, first, remove the SD card if you are using and then try to download and install the application once again.

Time-Zone Alteration

Some mobile phone automatically changes their time-zone if you are staying in another time-zone irrespective of your regular timing. But sometimes the device gets difficulty in doing the same. So, change the time zone manually and try to download the mobile application once again.

Creating a New Account

It may possible that there are some settings warnings are coming to your account from the Google play store. To delete the current account and create a new one and try to download the application once again.

After going through the above give checklists, if you are still facing the same technical problem then contact to authentic Google product support center to get the best solutions as quickly as possible.

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