How to Fix Google Voice Not Working on Your Device?

Google Voice Not working

23 July, 2019
Ronan Smith

[Solved] Google Voice Not Working Problem

Google has offered a voice assistance service through which you can get the daily news, weather reports, and many other things. However, it is quite easy to find information related to any topic through your voice, but it sounds a bit difficult if you are not very kind to it. I have observed that most people complain that their Google voice does not work on their device. So you can contact the Google support center for quick help.

If your Google assistant does not work, there may be several reasons behind that. We will inform you of some common reasons and their solutions to do it actively.

Clear cache data

It is possible that the Google Assistant may have a problem with huge historical data, so it is important to clear the data from the cache. Help the Google assistant have a new beginning.

To clear the data from the cache, follow the steps:

  • Go to the settings application on your device and tap Google Apps
  • Touch Storage and touch the Clear cache button to clear the data from the cache
  • After clearing the data from the cache, try playing with your Google voice application if it works, then enjoy other options.

Retraining the voice model

Your Google assistant may have taken more time to configure the voice command you gave. If you are not aware of how Google Voice works, you may not recognize the command you are looking for. This is the reason why you should wait a while since you are recognizing your voice.

To retrain the voice model, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Google Assistant settings
  2. Touch the Google Assistant voice symbol in the upper right corner
  3. Touch the three-point menu to go to the settings section and select Assistant devices
  4. Touch the voice model and then touch the retraining voice model to perform the task.

Install the Google Voice app again

It may happen that if you are using the previous version of the application, it will not work on the device. That is why it is necessary to update the application. It is quite easy to uninstall the previous application and install the latest version. To uninstall and install the Google voice application, follow the steps:

  • Go to the Play Store on your device and search on Google.
  • Touch Google LLC and touch the Uninstall option
  • Restart your mobile device and go back to the Play Store.
  • Touch Google LLC and touch the Install option

After following the steps above, you can successfully install the updated version of the Google voice application.

Pay attention to the language settings

If you select the wrong language on your device, Google’s OK option will not work. That is why it is very important to verify the language you have selected. Follow the steps to change the language setting:

  • Open the Google app and go to the More options section
  • Go to the Settings section and then Voice> languages
  • Check that the selected language is understandable to you and valid for the region in which you are currently.

After following the steps described above, you can now enjoy your Google voice again.

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