How to Fix Voice Memos is Not Saved After Recording on iPhone?


10 September, 2020

The biggest brand in the mobile phone used by many people is the iPhone in the current era. After the popularity of Blackberry mobile phones, the iPhone took its place which extended many features in comparison with an Android phone. From the past few years, people have reached their limit of using mobile phones. Around 99% of the population controls their daily routine through the phone because it’s the easiest thing to carry anywhere.

Behind every critical situation, there is a solution waiting aside. Similarly, when an iPhone creates any disturbance, it either stops responding or misbehaves. So, it is always said that an electronic item must be kept updated on time to make it worth using. iPhone showcases each feature very attractively which is eye-catching. It is different from the Android phone because its features help the user to work according to their need. The versions of the iPhone keep changing and updating which attracts people immediately. Therefore, we have found a common issue faced by many people is that while recording a voice on the phone, it does not get saved in a folder. This issue is found in most of the iPhone’s.

To overcome this trouble, view some key points to get a better understanding:

  • Go to settings and then tap on the voice memo.
  • Next, enable the Background App refresh button
  • Select audio quality as compressed
  • Now, open the voice memo and record the voice
  • If you are facing the same problem again, then you need to update your voice memo from the play store.

This world allows everyone to always follow the right path, if he steps on the wrong one, none of the possibilities can pull him back. In the same way, if the iPhone starts misbehaving you immediately go for a reboot or run for a repairing center and sometimes that might not help. You need to follow some instructions to overcome this trouble. Guiding with the best possible solution saves you from roaming at certain places unnecessarily for repair.

When the voice does not get saved in the iPhone, we start searching at various search engines which is a waste of time. So, in regards to it, we have served you some major points which we work out whenever you get stuck while recording a voice memo. Voice memos in iPhone are voice recording App. We can record our voice and play it whenever required. Also, we are enhancing a future like voice call recording, etc.

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