How to Fix Xbox error code 0x87e50033, error code 0x87e5002b, and error code 0x87de272b

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17 October, 2022

How to Fix Xbox error code 0x87e50033, 0x87e5002b, and 0x87de272b

0x8b050033 is an Xbox update error that you may face while trying to update your console. Mostly is caused when the Xbox servers are under maintenance or down. Some users reported an error with a message saying: Update Needed: 0x8B050033. If you are one of those and getting the same message then you are at the correct place. Here we will let you know all the steps that you must follow to troubleshoot this error code.

There is a 90% chance to occur this error when the Xbox servers are under maintenance. Therefore the first step that you must follow should be to restart your console and update it again after some time. Now try to use it again. If you are still having the same problem then you must go for the following steps to follow:

Check Xbox Live Status

The down server may be one of the main causes behind the error. It may be beyond the control of the users when a user is not very technically sound. To analyze whether the server is down or not you must browse the Xbox Live status page. Here you can review the status of each service and make sure they are working properly. If the service is not available then you must understand that this is a generic problem and Microsoft people will fix it. If all are ok at your end and the server is live then you must look into the below-given solution.

Log Out and Log In Again

Many times it happens when you have logged in to your profile for a very long time. So it is important to get it logged out and logged in again. May your problem will fix this way automatically. However, some users reported that they were able to resolve this issue by launching the game in a different profile, and when the game loaded, switching back to their own profile, the issue was resolved.

Run Online Xbox Troubleshooter

Running Xbox Troubleshooter online is also one of the important steps to eradicate the error. You can perform it by updating the Xbox console offline.

Reset Xbox One to factory default settings

Put Xbox at by default setting. Most of the users have to get it done by doing this default setting.

Uninstall and reinstall the game

Uninstalling and reinstalling it again should be the last step to fix the error. It will definitely solve the problem.

After following the above-discussed steps you can successfully fix the 0x87e50033 error. If you are still facing any problems then you may connect to the support team.

The Xbox Error Code 0x87e5002b will mostly appear at the time of starting the game. This error code means that your console needs a system update. To fix the error you must go for the following solutions:

Update the System

It is very important to update your system from time to time because there is regular research and updates have to be added to the application to make it more interesting. Thus if your system is not updated the application will not work. To update the system follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Xbox button to start the Menu
  2. Select your Profile and System
  3. Select the Network Setting button followed by Setting
  4. Select Alternate Mac Address followed by Advance Setting
  5. Click Clear

This way you can successfully update the system. If you are still facing the same problem go for the next steps.

Close and Restart the Xbox console.

You must follow the below-given steps to close and restart the console:

  1. Turn off the Xbox console by holding down the Xbox button for about 10 seconds.
  2. Wait a few seconds, and then turn the console back on.

If you don't see the green startup animation when the console starts up, make sure you've powered it down properly. In this case, you need to repeat the steps again

Reset your Xbox console

If both of the methods discussed above didn't resolve the issue you need to restart your Xbox console. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Xbox Menu by pressing Xbox Button.
  2. Go to Profile & system option and then select the Settings option
  3. Click System and the Console Info option
  4. Click Reset Console

You will see three options on your screen. You need to select the Reset and keep my games and apps option. This will reset the console without deleting any game data.


Fix Xbox error 0x87de272b when playing on disc

The error mostly appears when you inserted and tried to play the game on the disc. You must follow the below-given steps to resolve the issue on your gaming device.

  1. Most of the time the glitch may appear due to a disc. Thus eject the disc and insert it again. Now try to run the Xbox console. If still, your problem persists then you must go for the below-given step.
  2. Restart/Shutdown and turn off the Xbox console
  3. Restarting the Xbox console is also very helpful. After doing this it may possible that your Xbox console will start to work.
  4. If possible try to get the optimized version of your Xbox console.
  5. Try to play the game directly through the game library digitally.
  6. Reset Xbox Console

After following the above-discussed steps if you are still having an error then you are prompted to contact the support team.

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