How to install Microsoft Office?

15 March, 2019
Glennis Grace

How to install Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is the basic need for each and every user for personal as well as business purpose. So it is definitely required that each of the users get it installed on to their system on an immediate basis. There is a proper and effective procedure which each of the users will need to follow in order to install Microsoft Office onto their system. Users with sound knowledge in the technical domain do not need to do anything and simply move down the tutorial and follow the sequential procedure. Before we start with the installation process there are a certain set of guidelines that users will need to follow. Forgetting the same users can read the tutorial in a calm and composed manner and then certainly all the doubts and clarifications can be resolved in one go. In order to install Microsoft Office on to the system users will need to have a paid subscription only after that they can start with the installation process. This could be either Office 365 Business Premium or the Premium Security Plans. Users should be aware of the fact that once they have this subscription plan they can use it to install up to on 5 systems which is also the per-user plan. Once that has been done in an effective manner then users can simply move down the tutorial and from there they can follow the below mentioned sequential or step by step procedure in order to get one stop solution.

Microsoft Office Installation Tips 

Step 1: Users can start the process by opening a browser of their choice and also ensuring that they have a sound internet connection.

Step 2: Once that has been done in an effective manner then users can simply log in to the Microsoft Office 365 Portal.

Step 3: Users can next move on to the top right corner of the screen and then from there they can simply click on Install Office Apps.

Step 4: From the list of available options users can next select Office version which they are willing to get it installed on their system.

Step 5: Once that has been done in an effective manner then users will be prompted to click on the Save File button which they will need to do it effectively so that the smooth process of downloading can start.

Step 6: Once the installation file has been successfully downloaded onto the system then users can simply open the file and then follow the on-screen instructions to get the installation done on the computer in an effective manner.

Step 7: Users can finally launch the new applications as per their requirements and then they can log in to their Microsoft Office account with their desire email address and password.

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