How to login Facebook if you forgot your username/email?

3 September, 2021
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How to login facebook if you forgot your username/email

As you may know, Facebook is a popular social networking application that allows the user to stay in touch with family and friends who live in faraway places. In addition, this service also allows users to share and post videos and photos, which makes it the most popular social networking service.

Also, creating a Facebook account is really simple, but there are few users who have asked for a solution on how to recover Facebook's password without email and phone number 2019. Fortunately, one can solve this problem easily by trying out some simple tricks provided in this article.

Recover Facebook Password

Seek help from family members: Yes, read that right. The user can take the help of their relatives to re-access their Facebook account. For this procedure, the user must select a family member from their friend's list and request a verification code using the account. After entering the code, the user will be provided with an option to reset their Facebook password.

Opt for the default recovery option: the user who does not remember the password of his account can claim access through the default recovery option in which the user must provide his name with the name of one of his friends.

Take the help of your friends: you can also seek the help of your friends. All you need is to provide your friend's identification and the code that has been provided to them. And with the completion of this process, one can easily access their Facebook account.

Also, if the user still faces a problem when retrieving their Facebook password, they can contact the Facebook account recovery number or request assistance by email.

Recover Hacked Facebook Account Password

The piracy in the Facebook account increases every day since the violation has become easy to go to anyone's account and see their activities. There are numerous techniques and applications to hack into any Facebook account and if your account is in a package and you need to re-access your account. Also, you're worried about how to recover a pirated Facebook account, so you should not worry; because this post will help you recover your Facebook account.

Steps to recover the hacked Facebook account easily

  1. At first, you should redirect to
  2. There you must select the button "My account is compromised".
  3. Then, enter any username, email or phone number and click on the Search option.
  4. After that, you must enter the Captcha and select your account.
  5. In addition, you must enter the current password or the previous password and click Continue.
  6. And then you have to select your email address and click on the option to continue.
  7. Thereafter, you must answer the security questions that you have assigned when creating the account.
  8. After successfully answering the questions, you must create the new password and confirm it by typing again and clicking on the Continue option.

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