How to move google photos to google drive

Updated: Friday, 5 April, 2019
Simmi Gravey

How do I use Google photos? and how to move google photos to google drive

Steps to use Google photos:-

Step 1: In order to use the Google+ photos the user will first have to go to your Google profile ,if you do not have then the user can sigh in by clicking on the right top corner pf the Google account home page and then you can enter your gmail address and password.

Step 2: After logging in the user have to click on the tab “home” which is present on the left side panel of the home page

Step 3: Then the user will notice a camera icon ,which is also present on the right side panel of the home page under the option “what’s new with you?” area on the Google account home page.

Step 4: Now you will notice a pop window on the screen ,from where you can select the photos from your desktop.the user can also select multiple photos at a time.

Step 5: Then you click on the option “done” at the right upper corner of the pop up window.your photo will be added to the Google post .

Step 6: You can write a caption above the photo if you want ,it is optional.

Step 7: Now you can click on “post” option then your photo will be uploaded on Google account page.

Steps to move google photos to google drive:-

Step 1: To move your photos to the google drive you will first have to sign in to drive with the Google account.

Step 2: Then next you have to click on the icon present on the top right side of the page ,which is also known as the cog icon and then you have to scroll down to select “settings” and then “general”.

Step 3: Then further you have to scroll down to create a folder for the photos and then click on the box adjacent to the option “automatically put your Google photos into a folder in my drive check box”.

Step 4: To enable the access of your photos from the drive you will have to visit the Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find

Step 5: Then you have to click on the menu button on the homepage of the window and then scroll down to click on “settings”.

Step 6: Further the user have to enable the option “ show google drive photos in your photo library”.

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