How To Print Photos from Windows 10 on HP Printer

How To Print Photos from Windows 10 on HP Printer

5 September, 2022

HP provides a world-class range of its products and services. It comes with diversified and discoverable experiences. HP comes up with a diagnostic tool along with customer and business support.

HP has an outstanding range of printers with fantastic features and user-friendly too. So if you want to print photos from Windows 10 on your HP printer, do check out these steps and guidelines.

Step 1: Load photo paper into the main input tray

Load photo paper into the main input paper tray. If your printer has a separate paper tray, go through the given booklet on how to print from the tray.

  •  Detach any plain paper from the paper tray.
  •  Load the short edge of photo paper into the tray. Suppose if the paper has pierced tab, load the paper in such a manner that tab faces up or towards you to prohibit printing on it.
  •  Customize the paper width, so they can adjust against the edges of the paper.

Step 2: Print the photo

Open the print dashboard and document attributes to set up the print job.

  •  Before printing, edit the photo to enhance brightness, color, contrast, and several other appearance feature settings.
  •  Right-tap the photo, choose Open with and then opt Paint.
  •  Tap Print, File, or the menu icon then click Print. The print window comes up with general print settings.
  •  Go to printer Document Properties page to access more print settings.
  •  In print window in a Print tap to preferences.
  •  Search and apply print job settings for photos in Document Properties field. Menu traits and printer settings vary from printer to printer.
  •  For more enhanced and best printing results alter the color and quality feature settings.
  •  Tap OK and then click print.
  •  Remove the photo paper from the tray after printing does stack it in either a package or box. Otherwise if left in the tray for long tenure it will start to curl.

You can also try these printing tricks and tools to get more exclusive yield.

  •  You may go for HP photo papers as they are more synchronized with HP inkjet printers.
  •  Select high-resolution photos as they have a very clear and vibrant appearance.
  •  Your monitor’s display should be of good calibration to have a better color precision.
  •  Don’t forget to edit photos before printing for more improved results.
  •  Apply high class improvised print settings.

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